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Not my cup of tea
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Don't care for it. Looks too "schoolboy".
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Fair enough, what would you recommend? I'm looking for suggestions!
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You have to give us a budget here...

Besides, what is your style? Leather? Canvas? What will you be wearing it with etc.
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I'd like to keep it around $250-300. I'll be using it for work, to carry my laptop/lunch/files, etc. I wear suits and or blazers/dress shirt/trousers most days to work, sometimes chinos and polos. Leather or canvas, I'm cool with either. Canvas might be more my style, but I will consider leather bags.
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Based of that, I would suggest you look at Filson bags. They are canvas with leather trim and are in your budget. They might be a wee bit casual for suit wear, but some people on here pull them off. I am not the biggest fan, but there are those who swear by them--which means something.

You can sometimes find them in the B&S section for below retail.

Here is a whole thread for the love of Filson:

I think leather is more appropriate for a suit. Here are some from a forum sponsor:
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The Filson original briefcase looks pretty awesome. I'm saving up for one myself.
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Yeah, those Filson bags (256 and 257) are along the lines of what I want. Thanks, guys. I'll have to think about purchasing one! I don't wear suits every day to work, maybe once or twice a week, so perhaps their less-than-formal quality won't be a dealbreaker for me.
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I agree- I bought 2 of these on final sale on Gilt thinking I would like them because of the quality leather and brass look. They are well made, but they are too small- almost purse-like dimensions. For me to be comfortable, they need to be longer and be able to hold a laptop. I got the messenger bags (not day bags) in navy and charcoal. They would fit a netbook, but not as useful as a carryall/daybag.

A bit too small for me. I'm thinking of selling them to my female friends who liked them (kind of a first clue that it's not masculine enough, at least for my tastes).
Originally Posted by gfreeman View Post

I need a messenger bag for work, to carry my lunch/laptop, random shit... I've come across this J. Fold Courier Messenger bag, and I'm wondering what you guys think of it? (It's the top one in the above photo).

Or should I try and avoid messenger bags entirely?
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