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Oh! Can't leave out William Shatner's cover of "Common People."
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Off the cuff...

Everything But The Girl - Acoustic LP has covers of Springsteen, Costello, Waits, among others

New Order covers by Frente (Bizarre Love Triangle) , Moby (Temptation), etc...

REM covering Iggy's Funtime live, The Troggs' Love Is All Around, and U2's One

Husker Du's cover of The Mary Tyler Moore Show theme song

The The has a great 10" LP of Hank Williams tunes if you can find it

The Ocean Blue does some great Smiths covers (There Is A Light... & Cemetry Gates come to mind).

Natalie Merchant & David Byrne covering Iris Dement's "Let The Mystery Be Me"

And... get thee to Richard Thompson's site and order the 1000 Years in Music CD which includes, among others, a great send up of Oops I Did It Again. Or head to NPR.org and stream it live in studio.
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Originally Posted by shoreman1782

Clash - I Fought the Law (forget)

The original was actually written by a(the) Cricket(s) (as in Buddy Holly's band)
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Get Smart: You're right! Buddy Holly did I fought the law. I'm pretty sure I have it on tape somewhere. Buddy did so much before he died so young. Imagine what he would have done had he lived a lot longer.
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Originally Posted by Get Smart
The original was actually written by a(the) Cricket(s) (as in Buddy Holly's band)

'Tis true - Bobby Fuller Four made it famous, but Sonny Curtis wrote it...

Some more:

(keeping w/ the BF4 theme) 'Let Her Dance' - Marshall Crenshaw's & Skeletons/Morells' versions
'Rave On' - Real Kids
'Love Me Till the Sun Shines' - Lyres
'Louie, Louie' - Flamin' Groovies
'Yesterday's Numbers' - Go To Blazes
'And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda' - Pogues
'Gin & Juice'- Gourds
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Originally Posted by Get Smart
The Jam covering "slow down" (Larry Williams)

Hmm. One of mine is the Jam covering "David Watts." (The Kinks)

Also, E covering the Hollies' Jennifer Eccles. The original is execrable. The cover, transcendent.
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The Decemberists covering Joanna Newsom's "Bridges and Balloons".
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Pretenders-'Stop Your Sobbing' a Kinks original
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Originally Posted by VersaceMan
The Decemberists covering Joanna Newsom's "Bridges and Balloons".
Nice one.

- The Kingsmen "Walkin' the Dog" (I think tons of Seattle bands in the 60's did this one, I like their version the best)

- Ryan Adams "Wonderwall" (apparently the Gallagher brothers heard it and said that they would never play the song again)

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Originally Posted by Margaret
What are your favorite pop music covers?

I'm pretty old school and would probably only recognize maybe 100 pop songs recorded in the last decade, but I have to admit I really love that remake of 'Big Yellow Taxi' I hear from time to time. I'd have laughed at the thought of one of today's pop artists covering Joni successfully, but damned if that isn't a catchy bit of music! I'm so clueless, I couldn't even tell you the artist's name -- I hardly ever listen to the radio, so I've mostly heard it while shopping (...or maybe bleeding through the headphones of some idiot teenager's amped-up iPod?).

Anyway, what are your favorite covers?

Stacy Kent’s cover of the Nat King Cole Trio’s You're Looking At Me

Dusty Springfield’s cover of Burt Bacharach’s The Look of Love

John Mellencamp’s cover of Terry Reid’s Without Expression

Terry Reid’s cover of Sonny Bono’s Bang Bang

John Kay & Steppenwolf’s cover of Mars Bonfire’s Born to Be Wild
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Burt Bacharach wrote always something there to remind me.
Thanks, really. I always liked the song (even the Naked Eyes version), and I feel better liking a Bacharach song!

Flipping through the iPod, jogging memory...
Brock Landers and Chest Rockwell - The Touch (Stan Bush)
Del McCoury Band - 1962 Vincent Black Lightning (Richard Thompson)
Rogue Wave - On a Plain (Nirvana)
Gipsy Kings - Hotel California (fucking Eagles)
Travis Morrison - What's Your Fantasy (Ludacris)
Colin Meloy - Every Day Is Like Sunday (Morrissey)
Colin Meloy - Charlie (Shirley Collins)
Johnny Cash - Hurt (Nine Inch Nails)
Sinead O'Connor - Nothing Compares 2U (Prince)
Cap'n Jazz - Take on Me (a-ha)
Pogues - Dirty Old Town (Ewan MacColl
Green Day - Knowledge (Operation Ivy)
Pinhead Gunpowder - Big Yellow Taxi

I am an encyclopedia of mediocre music.
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another old time band covering an older time band is The Kinks's version of "Beautiful Delilah" (chuck berry) and the Sonics version of "Have Love will travel" (richard berry)
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I also like Annie Lennox's Waiting in Vain. Although the Rasta Man's version will always be my favorite.
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Johnny Cash - U2's 'One'
" - NIN's 'Hurt'
Love Spit Love - The Smiths' 'How Soon Is Now'
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The Avengers' cover of Paint It Black (Rolling Stones)
Nirvana's cover of Here She Comes Now (Velvet Underground)
Patti Smith's cover of Hey Joe (usually attributed to Billy Roberts)
Stan Getz's cover of Dear Old Stockholm (titled Ack Varmeland du Skona) (I don't know who the original composer is)
Flunk's cover of Blue Monday (New Order)

I could go on for a long time...
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