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Originally Posted by Douglas View Post
as good a place as any to dust off this little classic:
My friend has a tattoo of this, the tattoo artist who did it is amazing so it looks great haha
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That link - wow, tattoos are common.

Tattoo removal must be a thriving speciality. Size, colors used, location, the individual's characteristics - those are factors that influence the negative side effects of removal. Anesthesia is a possibility.
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I heard an ad on the radio the other day about a new cream that removed tattoos. It takes longer and you're supposed to put it on 3 times a day but if it works...
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This reminds me of the infamous Johnny Depp story. For those who didn't know..
Once upon a time, American actor Johnny Depp was dating American actress Winona Ryder.
So devout was his love for her, he had 'Winona Forever' tattoo'ed on his arm, thusly proclaiming his love for all to see. Such are the ways of young love and passion, no doubt.
On one sad day later, Winona left Johnny, and in doing so, Johnny had to do something about that tattoo (lest everyone think him a complete asshole). He had a stroke of pure genius.
He solved his dillema by having only 2 letters removed..changing 'Winona' to 'Wino'
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I got laser tattoo removal last year and I still have the burned tissue scar. It's been almost a full year and you can see it pretty distinctly still. The ink is gone, just scar tissue.

Cue, the Chili peppers.
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This is kind of backward. I plan to get a 3" x 5" tattoo in all black ink on my chest. I am brown skinned. I have no intention of getting it removed. But If I ever want to get it removed, how difficult would it be? Moreover, would it be a successful? something similar to this in size and location but on brown skin
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