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Burberry scarf

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I'm thinking of getting a Burberry scarf, but not the traditional one in beige. I like the one in green such as this scarf . I know the Burberry plaid is so played out that it's a joke by now, but I feel this scarf is OK, becuse its not the traditional plaid (ie: I won't end up looking like a label whore, like the people who still wear the Burberry plaid do). What do you guys think? I will be wearing it with a navy peacoat, black charcoal sportcoat, black leather motorcycle jacket (band collar), and brown distressed leather jacket. Also do you think this scarf is authentic? I know Burberry is easy to fake and highly counterfitted.
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I've always been hesitant about lambswool scarves... I just always thought they would itch when rubbing against your neck/face. But if they are fine for you, go for it. That's a good price and looks to be completely authentic. Looking at her feedback, she has a ton from newbies and none really from vets which is a slight concern, but it's almost all positive and the few negatives are not really negative at all.
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I'd have a hard time buying something from a popular, often faked label on EBay - if I'm going to buy something through an auction, I'll stick to things from labels probably not popular enough to merit fakes, like Etro or Malo. Plus, Burberry's scarves aren't really that expensive, if you're going for lambswool - I'd just get one from Saks or the Burberry store or something similar.
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I would have to agree with Bigbadbuff, I have never enjoyed the irritating feeling of broad-combed lambswool on my skin. Those tiny erratically positioned coarse fibers have a feeling exact opposite of cashmere. I have found that sort of wool tends to rash and chafe the skin, causing more annoyance then warmth. Now as far as it being a fake, I seriously doubt it, since, as you previously mentioned, that style of scarf has since declined in it's popularity and has dropped from anyone's necessity to counterfeit the brand or particular style. I have actually only seen one person wear a Burberry scarf of that fashion where I live (and he looked very fashionable, so I am in no way trying to lessen the scarf's worth; if worn right, it looks very good), and I go out quite frequently to the designer districts. Also, that packaging shown in the preview images looks to be either authentic, or the best reproduction packaging to date, since Burberry usually uses a slightly smoked form of clear plastic that is actually quite expensive in usual material costs (the packaging is quite often a quarter of the price of the product). Perhaps, if you wear it frequently, you will start another trend and they will become the "in" thing to wear...well, only if you are a playgirl playmate wearing only the scarf (and I would definitely not want to see that picture...the visual is enough to long for memory loss). Anyway, long post short: If you can deal with the feel it's a definite steal.
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I'm fine with lamb's wool; right now I have a few Polo scarves in lamb's wool that feel fine. I really don't want to splurge and spend $210 on the cashmere version. However, this Christmas I'm going to buy my mother the pink Burberry scarf in cashmere, from Sak's.
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That's a nice gift for your Mom, MC.
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