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Suede repair questions

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Ok so today I threw on a really cool suede shirt I picked up at BR for cheap. About 5 minutes ago I noticed I have a little slit, probably an inch long on the arm right around the tricep area. Its not that noticeable but I don't want it getting any bigger. Any way I can fix this, or am I just screwed?
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First I should probably say that I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, but maybe superglue. It probably won't improve the aesthetics at all, but it should stop it from getting any bigger. I'd do it from the inside of the shirt. (I just posted this because you mentioned you got the shirt for cheap, so might as well try something.)
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You will have to glue, but as you have no edges to glue together you will need a fabric backing of some sort. Just think of mending a puncture in bicycle tyre. Get some fine cotton (the glue will add stiffness), cut it to size, apply a bit of glue and stick in place from left side. Normally I would say get a bit of fusible web, but the heat you need for bonding, might be too much for suede. Alternatively try appropriate heat setting at some hidden spot and protect suede with brown wrapping paper.
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