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Originally Posted by Andre Yew
I haven't heard that one. The most popular one is making a V8 out of the E60's V10, giving you a 4L V8 with around 400 HP.

CF saves weight, but the underlying frame is still heavy. The Carrera GT weighs a bit over 3000 lbs despite a CF body. Repairs are also very expensive and difficult to do. The Big Mac did it the right way: it used CF for everything, and was around 2400 lbs, with more power, more cylinders, more engine capacity, and more seats.


edit: I did some quick searching around, and it appears that the GT has an all CF monocoque frame and chassis, so I have no idea why it's heavier.

Sheer size I think. It is stupidly wide (I had a Carrera GT tailgating me for a little bit while on I10 a while ago).