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Videos, etc.

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was just going thru some things today, found a couple of videos from neiman marcus: "The Soul of the Suit" and another on oxxford clothes. does anyone know of other promo, etc. videos or label-specific books (such as the ones i've seen pop up on ebay, on Luigi Borrelli and Kiton...lost the bids, tho)? PS just got a new pair of sunglasses, lenses by Carl Zeiss. haven't heard of that brand, but like the Davidoff sunglasses a lot.
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Foxx, Carl Zeiss is very famous in the laboratory and OR microscope arena. They are widely acknowledged to be the best.
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He also makes Lenses for the high-end digital cameras for Sony, such as the DSC-F707.
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They also make the lenses for Haselblad cameras as well. They are the world's most famous (and best) manufacturer of optical lenses; whether they are simple ones to go into sunglasses or complicated ones to go into space telescopes.
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