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First Post!  I wanted to say hello to everyone and let you all know I much appreciate the chatter in this thread.  As I went hunting for replacement shoes, an activity that seems to happen once a year, I considered investing in something more serious.  However, at places like Bloomingdales or Nordstrom, the fashion brands seem to dominate the upper echelons of the price spectrum.  Prada shoes just didn't seem substantial.  After a bit of time on this forum, the overwhelming choice seemed to be for AE in the $300ish range.  I jumped in head-first and picked up a pair of bourbon and brown strands.  AE provided exemplary customer service, particularly Chris.  


I fear I am hooked!  I am contemplating my next pair, which will need to be black to match my occasional-wear black suit.  I am an attorney, so it does make it into the rotation.  I tried the Mora and Franciscan as a bit of a change, but they simply do not fit well in any size.  I know conventional wisdom says Park/Fifth Ave and be done, but I want the shoe to be slightly more versatile-- I spend 50% or more of my working time in business casual attire.  


See the comparison in shoes below!