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Originally Posted by halfnhalfnhalf View Post

Originally Posted by csmitty View Post

Well was doing some cleaning on the PA's and Dundees so figured why not get a group shot. Pales in comparison to many but have only found AE since the fall. Need to replace some loafers so that might be next. As well one more boot I'm eyeing.
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Back Row,
-Black Promontory Point (for sale)
-Brown Grain Long Branch
-Chili Dalton
-Burgundy Shell Dalton (for sale)

Front Row,
-Centerfield boat shoes with Atlanta Braves logo
-Black PA
-Brown Shell Jefferson
-Burgundy Shell Dundee


Nice little group!  What size are the burgundy shell Daltons?


Was just brushing away and thought it'd be a good idea. Actually hadn't realized I acquired that many. Didn't take long to get hooked.

The Dalton's are a 12C though. Normally a D but thought they might work. No dice though. Carpet wearing only.
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Originally Posted by Kahuna75 View Post

Well I finally got my first pair of "I can not believe they sent these out's" my MacNeil 5's Cognac arrived and while all of the mistakes on their own are minor...the grand total of them is just ridiculous for firsts...and what is perplexing is that being Webgems you would think they would put their best shoe makers on them to avoid seconds, returns etc so they do not have them lingering around.


I will post pictures later but misalined lace area, off center point on the cap...crooked stitching on the point of the cap...odd smudging, crushed welting, space between heel and sole, loose stitching, bowing in the ankle area eessh...honestly I do not believe there is any discount they could give to have me keep them.


The shoe looks good though sans the errors. Though this is by far the widest shoe I have on the 65 last . Question will really be if I like the Rush St more or the MacNeil 5 more...Color is virtually identical to Rush St.


Crushed Welt - Seperation from heal to sole



Loose Stitching in two places and mis stitch pattern in key spot



Crushed welt and heel to sole separation





Odd blotch spot in same area on both shoes



Uneven  lace area



Off center cap or lace area on left foot. Right foot crooked lace but center cap



Two huge ripples on inner liner that is not present on the other shoe

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^ Yikes!
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Lol wow that should be factory rejects.
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Originally Posted by Spiker View Post

Lol wow that should be factory rejects.

They tried to pass those off as firsts?! I would be insulted to get them as seconds. They belong in the trash.
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Originally Posted by wonsmithr8 View Post

Haha not sure if you'd wear then because they're purposely mismatched socks from a brand called the athletic. They're used more as cycling socks but I have a hard time finding dress socks that fit my foot size and these fit well and are thin. This is the other sock. I guess I could've bought two pairs to match them!

Edit: Hmm I might just do that and buy another pair to match them haha

Cool .. very cool ... but really are socks for cycling? The aesthetic result is really great. Compliments.

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Originally Posted by thermals View Post

Anyone have experience with sizing in the Graysons? Normally wear an 8.5d but just got a pair of 8d off ebay. Think they'll fit more like the Randolph loafer? I have the Randolph in 8.5 and it's like a half size too big so that's what I'm hoping...

I own a grayson and verona on a 9d and they are almost identical in fit. Not sure about the randolph though. Also, i had an 8.5 italian loafer(almost identical to verona without the steel bit) and it runs a bit tight on my toe.

I assume it will be less comfortable when walking long distances or long periods of time.
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Originally Posted by hoit1981 View Post

They tried to pass those off as firsts?! I would be insulted to get them as seconds. They belong in the trash.

Funny thing is that aside from the blotches, none of the other guys I know would have even noticed the defects ... goes to show how us guys here on these forums have finely tuned senses when it comes to these things.
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The blotches and the mis-alignment of the lacing area are the deal breakers for me.  They screwed up in attaching the shoe to the welt and it caused 90% of the problems you now see.

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I think most people seeing those shoes would have immediately sensed that something was 'off', but might not have been able to parse the problems or find the root causes with quite the same perspicacity.

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On top of what I pointed out in the photo's those same blotches appear on the flip side of each shoe also and one of the lacing pieces actually goes over the the prefforated cut of the long wing itself..and to make it even odder my right foot is bigger than my left yet this is the only pair I own which the right shoe is actually loose and the left fit perfect.


I ordered these through my rep at Riverhead...I have to call him today about something else but should I email these photo's to the main customer service? Or just deal with my rep on it? I have only had to return stock pairs for swaps before and these were in theory a sort of MTO in that they made them in 12.5 for me which was not available.


I have 14 pairs of AE shoes mostly in 13 D, 13E and a 12.5 D hitting the Bay Sunday/Monday night...I will have a list ready by tonight if anyone is interested..Nothing mind blowing shoe wise but they will be priced right PM me if interested.

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Did I read that right? You're cleaning out your AE collection? (14 pairs)?
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Training him early!

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Originally Posted by peppercorn78 View Post

Training him early!

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If I were to go down from 10.5EE to 10EEE would I lose or gain width/girth? I can't try the 10EEE on without driving three hours to a store that carries the size, but I really think I would fit the 10 better lengthwise. Width is already pretty close.
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