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Originally Posted by frogwash View Post

What does sizing "for the arch" have to do with the leather creasing in over the toes? Why do you think that is the cause of BigRob's problem? Please explain.

There may be more issues going on with his sizing than length and width.  It could be the last/mold of the model as well.  A professional, who has years of experience in measuring and feeling the foot inside the shoe, is going to be able to diagnose potential arch issues and other stress points.  No one here can perform the analysis on his sizing, but based on what he wrote (in all of his posts), he may have gotten a sloppy recommendation based on a number of errors in thinking.


I know that many forum members buy their AE shoes and boots unseen over the internet, and unless they know their exact size and last from either personally being fitted or by trial and error . . . then it is blind shopping.

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Originally Posted by Firefox View Post


..in the U.S. If you happen to be in Canada, your options are somewhat more limited. Granted, there are still stores that carry them, but more often than not they have limited sizes in stock and need to order many sizes. Which means that you are often ordering in the dark..

You will have a nice surprise in the Fall of 2014 - when Nordstrom's opens their first Canadian store, followed by three more throughout Canada!  Not only professional fits, but I anticipate they will offer free shipping.


Here is a Wall Street Newspaper article:  CLICK HERE

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Originally Posted by David Copeland View Post

For Canada:  A nominal charge of approximately $35 plus taxes to your home.  The delivery point starts in the USA for the sale.

The bigger problem though is paying for return shipping as well if the fit or anything else is wrong. 


Also, yesterday I looked at buying about $25 worth of shoe care products and the shipping is still $35. That's much more than it should cost. 

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Originally Posted by OptoDoc View Post


I have the Hale in Walnut and it is my favorite of all my shoes. I'd love to see a picture of yours in Chili.

This isn't my picture, but here is a one that looks just like the outfit I'm wearing today. Chili with a medium grey suit looks great IMO.

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Originally Posted by tietherope View Post

The bigger problem though is paying for return shipping as well if the fit or anything else is wrong. 


Also, yesterday I looked at buying about $25 worth of shoe care products and the shipping is still $35. That's much more than it should cost. 

I live in Canada and I recently had to return a pair of really bad seconds to the Shoebank and I wasn't charged for it.

I asked for and received a FedEx return label from the outlet.

I hope this helps.

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Originally Posted by PK35216 View Post

Incidentally, I don't know how I missed this for all this time, but here is a link to the AE website's shoe care guide:


Also, Chris, it lists your Holbrooks as brown chromexcel leather and recommends AE's Leather Lotion.

My Barton model is not listed by the way (many vintage models are excluded, it appears to me).

My Holbrooks were purchased in 1998 and are model 1568 in chocolate chamois. 1558 is the chromexcel

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I just wanted to share my "care for shell cordovan" experience.

Yesterday I dedicated some tender loving care to my burgundy shell Leeds..


1) I stripped the excess cream with a damp rag and some (a lot) elbow grease. There was a lot of accumulation in some spots.

2) Using a cotton cloth, I then applied  some Allen Edmonds shell cordovan cream purchased with the shoes and let it rest for 1 hour.

3) Again elbow grease and a horse hair brush to remove excess.

4) Gently buffed with a flannel cloth.

5) Applied sole edge dressing


I didn't get the military parade shine I was requested to have when in the Air Force, but I am pretty satisfied with the results.


I will try and post pictures in the afternoon when I am back home.


What do you think of the procedure?


Speak now or forever hold your peace..



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Originally Posted by PK35216 View Post

What brand, and where do you get it?

I have a bottle of Cole Haan chamois oil I found at a local shoe store.

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Originally Posted by PK35216 View Post

BigRob, it sounds to me like the shoe is too wide and has too much volume over the top of your foot.  I have very low volume (or short instep?) feet, such that bluchers often have way too much leather on top of my foot and will fold in and pinch the top of my foot as I walk. That is why 90% of my collection of AE shoes are balmoral style like the park avenue. That said, since you are having the problem with the park avenue, I would also note that I experienced this same problem to some degree with my first pair of strands (also a balmoral on the 5 last like the park avenue).  I bought it in 9D and wore it for a long time as a pretty damn comfortable shoe, but it started to pinch down after a while.  I later realized that 9.5C often works better for me in 5 last balmorals, and I replaced that strand with the appropriate size.  (Incidentally, a good store rep should recognize the problem I am addressing immediately!) (Also, AE prides itself on customer service, and in my experience, they will exchange your shoes for a better fitting size even if you have worn them for several weeks or even months, as long as you bought them from an AE corporate store or seconds outlet.  Of course, you should not do that when you have doubts up front as to fit.)

In sum, I would consider whether going down in width one step (maybe two, but I doubt it) would help.  You may simultaneously need to go up one half size in length, so try all the permutations.  One of the great benefits of wearing AE is that most of the popular models like the park avenue are available in all widths from A to EEE. 


To echo others, it will not self-correct.  Also, as to your statements about comfort, I used to think the same way you do about shoes.  How can a leather sole shoe with a hard leather insole be comfortable. But i learned very quickly how comfortable a good fitting pair of all leather AE's can be.  Plus, your foot will to some degree adjust over a week or two to the new normal of a proper dress shoe and not the rubber abominations that most men wear in your law office. Way too many lawyers in my area wear such crap. I used to be one of them, unfortunately.


Fortunately, I never bought a pair in the wrong size, but I have the exact same experience with the 5-last.  I am 10.5D in all my AE's with the exception of 5-last ones, where I wear an 11C. 


As for the comfort of the hard leather insole, this is quite true.  I know many people feel the inside of a quality Goodyear-welted shoe and get scared away by the hard leather insole.  If you are used to wearing foam filled shoes, your feet will have to get used to the difference, but it is worth it in the long run.  Think of it like working out.  It is uncomfortable at first, but you are healthier in the long run.  Your feet are weak and tender from being in a soft foam environment all the time. They will adapt very quickly to the solid leather interior of a high quality shoe. 

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Originally Posted by masernaut View Post


Thanks for getting back to me on this, Cold Iron! That definitely answers my questions quite well.


Now... Here's something interesting. A balmoral short-wing boot in burgundy shell by AE? Is this something we'll see in the fall? The model name is "BOLT." If it wasn't for the tear in the shell, I would have snapped this up. It looks spectacular.









Those look like they would be a hit!  They seem to be nothing more than shell Cronmoks.  They look fantastic. 

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do we know what will be models will be 50% off during the tent sale?

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Originally Posted by charliebrown2 View Post

do we know what will be models will be 50% off during the tent sale?

This is the PDF from the mailer:



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Attached is the list I just received for Size 11.5D.


I gotta believe prices will be the same, just depends on if the inventory is available in your size.


Tent Sale.docx 17k .docx file
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Tent Sale.docx 17k .docx file


Attached is the Tent Sale selection and pricing for 11.5D size shoes.


I was told EVERTHING in the store was 15-50% off. Lets see what great finds are to be had.

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Originally Posted by ScottyBoy920 View Post

Head over to the store in Rockefeller Center and speak to Liz. She helps me out all the time and is very knowledgable. Plus the store is about 5-7 times larger than the store you visited, makes trying the shoes on much easier.

+1 for Liz at the Rockefeller Center store. She is great. And for what it's worth, I didn't have a very good experience with the gentleman I worked with at the 44th st store. Liz sent me there to try on a size that wasn't in stock at Rockefeller, and the salesman kept bad-mouthing her in front of me, saying things like "No no no Liz, what are you thinking?" which I thought was pretty unprofessional. Then he tried to put me into EEE width shoes which were way too big, even after I told him I had already tried them. Eventually I left the store without ever getting a chance to try on the shoes I came in for.
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