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Originally Posted by rydenfan View Post

Cold Iron,

Best of luck with the grail search. Also a testament to AE's service and loyalty to their customers.

+1 maybe you'll be able to line up your tour with the manufacture date of your special, special order!
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Terrible. Looks too big for him.

The comment was hilarious about side show Bob shoes
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Originally Posted by TurboTropic View Post

That site looks awfully sketchy to me. They ship from Singapore but there's no phone/email/address listed.
i agree....
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Originally Posted by pudman43 View Post

Here are mine

Thank you - those look great.

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Originally Posted by Cold Iron View Post


With some luck I hope to have a pair of Dundee's in the same color.


I need to start brushing more.  Wonderful thing about shell, the color tones change depending on where you view them.  Quite jealous that your pair seems to have tones of red, and the shine is hard to believe is without wax.  Just curious, what # out of 1000 do you have stamped behind the tongue?

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Any opinions on the Banff? My Ugg slippers are wearing out. 6pm.com has them on clearance for $86
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Originally Posted by ScottyBoy920 View Post

First, how did you find this site? They have a pretty descent selection at prices that are too good to pass up.

Second, let us know how they come. Im hoping they are legit- Proper box, shoe bags, and not scuffed up.

I Googled the Elgin for pics, as it isn't on the AE site anymore. The source for one of the images was this site, and the URL had the price in it. I figured I'd investigate, and did end up ordering. Low price, free shipping, and Paypal (rather than asking for CC info) all hepled me decide.

My one concern, however, is that the Elgin is on the same last as the McAllisters I picked up today, which, in an E width, are JUST wide enough. I'm hoping the Rough Collection fits a tad looser. If not, there may be an 11D Elgin up for grabs soon.
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Also, my new McAllisters!

Prepping them for their first outing tomorrow...

...and all shined up.
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Originally Posted by charliebrown2 View Post

Just wanted to add that I also previously got a "look down upon thee" vibe from AE salesperson (Sutter street San Francisco location).

I did too until he figured out I was a AE fein and he asked if I owned any of their shoes. I said, "Yes, and I just bought the Townley in Shell Cordovan last week" and then he wanted to get cosy after that. Ironically I didn't get that vibe at all at the Alden SF store just down the street. Those guys were VERY cool and even gave me a polishing cloth when I bought some measly leather defender. smile.gif

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I have not been to an AE store as I'm in Canada, but I actually had a poor experience several times on the phone with the shoebank. Maybe it was because it was my first order ever and they could tell I was new to it? Over several phone calls the staff provided very little info and responded as if I was stupid and annoying them. They also failed to email or call me back several times, causing me to miss out on many shoes I wanted. I didn't understand why it was so hard for me to give them my money and I almost abandoned the thought of getting any AE shoes.


On another board someone suggested that I contact the Jeffersonville outlet, which I did. They answered any questions I had in a very timely manner, were a great help in finding shoes and getting some put on hold, and I put an order through with them. Going forward, I will always give Jeffersonville my business and avoid the shoebank.

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Originally Posted by MoneyWellSpent View Post


The factory photo doesn't represent proper fit, and isn't intended to.  There isn't even a foot in the pictured boot to properly align the eyelet tabs, and the human leg increases in girth as you go up the calf (like a funnel) which is exactly opposite of what the factory photo shows.  BootSpell's look quite normal to me, and they even have similar gap to the photos you posted immediately under your comment.  Mine have the same amount of gap, it's just the way the boots are made.  

I guess I will find out shortly - as my wife and I are due to expect the Long Branch any day now (which is similar to the Dalton upper.  


Yes, the leg increases in girth - but I believe makers of boots accommodate for that in adding more leather to the upper in order to avoid a drastic V look.  I also have seen straight laced shoes and boots posted on this forum where there were no gaps, let alone the 1/4" standard gap allowed.  And what about military boots?


Certainly not to argue . . . just looking at other possible variations that do not compromise the fit of the shoe or boots.


All my best,



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Originally Posted by BCer View Post

  Our dollar is slipping the last month or so, and the experts are talking about a 90c Cdn dollar by the end of the year - I hope they are wrong.  BUT, you combine a 90c dollar with a fee for crossing, ...

Back in the '90's I was assigned for a spell near the Canadian border when your dollar had slipped to 72c .  My wife and I tarried at the Banff Springs Hotel for two weeks and spent 10k on the trip, mostly a shopping trip - and returned to the USA with a 25% savings.  Then the tables turned and Canadians began to take advantage of our low dollar (and our medical).  I am not sure what the answer is . . . except maybe to have a stronger dollar parked somewhere in the world to accommodate both countries!

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What is the shoe bank?

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Originally Posted by Flyswatter View Post

That's odd. Are you sure you used the fit guide correctly? I'm also a 10 in Clarks Desert Boots, but the AE online fit guide gave me a result of 10.5D, which I found to be spot-on. I was also measured at 10.5D in an AE store, and my Park Aves and Fifth Aves in that size fit great.

I found the fit guides from web sites do not take into account the standard arch when standing normally in a shoe or on sand.  My size also said 11.5, and yet my AE Sanfords from 1999 are 11eee.


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Originally Posted by ScottyBoy920 View Post


For a casual shoe, AE would certainly recommend the two you are looking at. I personally have the Neumok and love it… I am a big fan of Wingtips. 


You can also look at the Ridgeway.


Take a look at the site below, they seem to have a pretty good selection of both the McTavish, Nuemok and the Elgins (another casual option). Just note they only carry D widths.



I looked up the ownership of nowstyleshoes.com .  They have only been in business since January 2013.  They also will accept returns to their Singapore store - which appears to be you pay for international shipping of the shoes (which can cost a sum).  Not sure if this is a wise way to go on a new company.

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