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Thanks for taking the time to participate in the forum discussion Paul.

I have not owned any AE shoes until this past February (took advantage of the factory seconds sale). When I received my first pair (chili, BB-branded MacNeils), I was amazed at the difference in quality and construction compared to all of my previous shoes (Cole Haan, sneakers, etc). I finally "got it", and could see why AE customers are also typically loyal fans.

Due to the extremely accessible price-points of AE shoes (sales on factory seconds happen fairly regularly), I have now amassed a tiny collection consisting of 2 pairs of MacNeils and Neumoras, and one pair each of the Maxfield and Eagle County!

Thanks for making quality construction and value an emphasis of your company. I look forward to adding more pairs to my small collection in the future. All this talk of shell has me itching to try a pair!
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This is the hot topic I suppose.  If I understand correctly, the main idea of the discussion is that Allen Edmonds bills itself a the "Great American Shoe Company", in some cases part or all of the shoe is fabricated in a foreign country, Allen Edmonds places marketing emphasis on the American made aspect of the business, and some people might perceive the marketing campaign as misleading (i.e. not properly disclosing the foreign made aspect of the business).  


I see this as a matter of perspective (is the glass half empty or half full?).  Take the press releases.  Perhaps they don't mention the off shore production or related activities, but I don't see why they should.  I'm not a marketing agent.  I didn't major in communications or business or anything like.  But I think press releases are meant as a way for a company to highlight events it feels are notable or newsworthy.  Increasing domestic employment, opening new US retail stores, purchasing more domestically produced leathers and clothing etc. are all notable events.  As Mr. Grangaard has pointed out it bucks the trend in which American companies increasingly look to foreign labor in an effort to reduce costs.


If anything, I would suggest that Allen Edmonds add a statement to the "About Allen Edmonds" section of the website that explains the company's position on employment and manufacturing vis-a-vis US based materials, labor, and production versus its foreign counterparts.  Perhaps that would satisfy the calls for greater transparency.  Consumers can decide for themselves the merits of Allen Edmonds as "The Great American Shoe Company".


Originally Posted by mediahound View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)






If you are proud of what you're doing as you state above, why do you selectively hide what you are doing on your public website such as here?:




Again, you talk a ton about your USA manufacturing all over your site left and right, but nothing on the offshore manufacturing. One would think you are trying to hide it or something.


If you are proud of that fact, why fail mention to it? In the link above, I don't even see a single press release on the DR plant, though I see tons of other press releases on many other (arguably less important) topics like holiday sales, etc. 


Originally Posted by BootSpell View Post

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the chili calf Daltons that are on sale now.  Has all this discussion about "Made in the USA" distracted everyone?  Well, as my moniker implies, I am a boot guy and although I already have two pairs of Daltons (walnut shell and burgundy shell), I couldn't pass up this sale.


I'd been waiting for the walnut calf Daltons to go on sale as I really wanted a lighter color pair of Daltons (my pair of walnut shell Daltons are way darker than the calf walnut) but I will now need to be satisfied with the chili (for awhile anyway until the walnut calf go on sale).  I now have 6-8 weeks to wait...


Has anybody else succumbed?


Yes, I think the "Made in the USA" discusion has been a big distraction and will continue to be.

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Originally Posted by New Shoes1 View Post

I don't know how you deal with all the persecution here in this thread that you liken to a North Korean police state.  **Roll eyes** 

In case anyone hasn't noticed, there is a direct correlation between Mediahound's posts and the attention we give him.  I think it's time we drown out his attention-seeking by ignoring MH and letting Paul know how much we appreciate his posting here. 

I appreciate Paul posting here as I'm sure MediaHound does too. Paul has posted about manufacturing in DR about two years ago in a thread on that topic but has not been challenged on very valid points that Mediahound has brought up.

SF is a great place for discussion and disseminating information. You fucking losers that are trying to stifle that rich dialogue should just keep your mouths shut.
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Hi Paul,
I really do appreciate you being on this forum and responding in this manner. While you are here what's the possibility of getting more shoes made in the rare shell colors (i.e. walnut and cappuccino)? I have the Daltons in Walnut and the Dundees in cappuccino and these two shoes get lots of compliments. I'd love other shoes to be available in these colors or other shell colors besides #8, black, and brown.



Here, here.  My dream AE is a Dalton boot in dark brown shell.  And, as popular as Ralph Lauren's version in brown shell is, I think it would be a huge seller for AE.  Paul, any chance we might see that in the future?


And, just to have my voice heard, Paul, I've only been buying AE shoes for two years now, but I've become a huge fan of the Company in that short time.  Your dedication to customer service is a model that other companies should strive for.  As is your willingness to post here and answer customer concerns, which further reinforces this commitment.


I also want to echo what another poster said regarding your unique niche in the market place of an affordable, quality goodyear welted shoe that is made in the U.S.  I, for one, am appreciative of all AE does to keep the shoes affordable and still maintain its dedication to manufacturing in the U.S.

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I appreciate Paul posting here as I'm sure MediaHound does too. Paul has posted about manufacturing in DR about two years ago in a thread on that topic but has not been challenged on very valid points that Mediahound has brought up.

SF is a great place for discussion and disseminating information. You fucking losers that are trying to stifle that rich dialogue should just keep your mouths shut.


Perhaps you should spend more time reading the past several weeks of posts in which this "rich dialogue" between the "adults" was hashed and rehashed and rehashed again and again and less time calling people losers and telling them to shut their mouth. Then, perhaps, you might notice the similarities between Mediahound and some nut in the audience who keeps heckling the speaker by shouting the same point over and over again.

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Here are my Great American Shell Cordovans. The Park Avenues just arrived today. They are pictured with the Brown Shell Strand that I got a few weeks back. You all that warned about how dangerous the shell is... well, you are right, I may be addicted. The light isn't the best in the photo, I will get better pics tomorrow in nature. So far, I am loving the Black Shell Park Avenues.


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Originally Posted by GOP Shoe Guy View Post


Great Shine on those.
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Originally Posted by Cold Iron View Post

 OK lets deal with some facts then. The only reason you came over here to start with is someone posted on the Alden thread that AE had a selection of suede shoes more reasonably priced than Alden which are $500.  

Thanks so much for proving where he was "coming from".  When I clicked on his profile, he has a Youtube link to all of his personal shoes - nearly all ALDEN shoes.  Perhaps he has yet to convert to Allen Edmonds because of his personal reasons, which seem to be overflowing.

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Originally Posted by hohneokc View Post

I just noticed the Berkshires in the Clearance Section of the Allen Edmonds site - and they are an additional 15% off through 4/29. I have the Berkshire so I shouldn't buy another pair - but I am tempted because this shoe is a screaming bargain at $125!

I really enjoy mine - great for jeans and khakis.




I do NOT need this kind of temptation.

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Originally Posted by RogerP View Post



I do NOT need this kind of temptation.

But do you want it   .    .    .

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Originally Posted by mediahound View Post

1. It is rhetoric. Just be glad I didn't call it "BS" or something.


2. Huh? I've been here in this thread for years. Do a search or something. 

Thank you.  I did perform a search, not on your participation, but on Paul's participation in posting rhetoric as a means to communicate with AE customers and fans alike.  Perhaps I missed the 2013 revised definition of rhetoric, but for the life of me I cannot find any such definition of noteworthy cultural credentials that calls rhetoric "BS".


For the record, Paul's worthy rhetoric can be classed and defined as the following:


"Rhetoric is the art of discourse, an art that aims to improve the capability of writers or speakers that attempt to inform, persuade, or motivate particular audiences in specific situations. The word is derived from the Greek "oratorical", "public speaker" related to "that which is said or spoken".

"As a subject of formal study and a productive civic practice, rhetoric has played a central role in the Western tradition. Its best known definition comes from Aristotle, who considers it a counterpart of both logic and politics, and calls it "the faculty of observing in any given case the available means of persuasion."
"Rhetorics typically provide for understanding, discovering, and developing arguments for particular situations, such as Aristotle's three persuasive audience appeals, logos, pathos, and ethos. 
"The canons of rhetoric, which trace the traditional tasks in designing a persuasive speech, were first codified in classical Rome: 
"Arrangement, style, memory, and delivery, along with grammar and logic is rhetoric as one of the three ancient arts of discourse from ancient Greece to the late 19th century
"Rhetoric is a central part of Western education, filling the need to train public speakers and writers to move audiences to action with arguments."
Therefore, I agree Paul used rhetoric in portions of his answers.  But his use of rhetoric can be counted among the greats, including his associations and partnerships.  And above all, perhaps we all can learn from his respect and civility.
All my best,


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Originally Posted by mexicutioner View Post

also: we can't force MH to shut the hell up, but we can drown him out to the point where his beat-to-death deadhorse-a.gif gets overlooked. so, can we all collectively agree to POST THE HELL OUT OF SOME AE for the time being, until all of this nonsense fades into the background?


This was a good suggestion, but regrettably lost on all of those repeatedly shrieking for MH's head on a platter.  You can't control the content of his posts, but you can control the content of your own.  You don't want to see the subject discussed?  Here's a novel idea: stop discussing it, and ignore MH when he brings it up.  Nobody has a gun to your heads forcing you to read his, or eanyone else's posts.

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Originally Posted by PhiPsi32 View Post

But do you want it   .    .    .

Yes, the want is more or less constant. smile.gif

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I've been silent through this interesting discussion, patiently brushing my Walnut Shell Strands...

Just wanted to say Thank You Paul for engaging with us here. It's extremely insightful, and more so rare. I've been an AE fan for a good half dozen years now, and plan to continue. I've been converting as many men along the way as I can.

I see you're coming to NYC tomorrow. Wish I could get out of work in time to come uptown and say hello. Safe travels and keep on!

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So I see the Daltons on sale right now. I've never worn a dress boot and I'm a little confused by the thought. Are these acceptable to be worn with suits? I like the look of them, just not entirely sure what I'd wear with them.

Thanks in advance.
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