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Does anyone know what is different about the Ralph Lauren versions? It looks like a padded insole. Is it Poron like BB?

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Where can these be ordered from?
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Also, does anyone know of a B&M store that sells these? I would like to try them on first, if possible. Maybe the RL mansion?

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Originally Posted by rgweiser53 View Post

Where can these be ordered from?

Call any AE outlet store. Here is the number for Shoe Bank: 262-284-7158

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Just ordered that Saunders -- thanks!
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Just placed order for Sanderson and Singleton, this is getting out of hand!

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Originally Posted by SloopyNoob View Post

I believe all the AE-made RLs are on the 222 last

What a shame. Those are some great looking shoes, but unfortunately I can't fit anything in the 2 last. I'm looking forward to my delrays though!

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Originally Posted by rgweiser53 View Post

Good price on the Eastport...if you're okay with Tan color



I have the tan and have been able to keep the light color by using Bicks4. If you wanted them darker you could use neatsfoot oil and they would break in even faster and be very soft. That is a great price.


Originally Posted by evolved View Post

Shined up Bayfield seconds today......



I'm continually impressed with these seeing as they cost me $165. They got soaked in Amsterdam on NYE and were worn basically every day while we were on vacation. I came back, threw a coat of reno on there and polished the cap toe with AE chili paste and voila....good as new.


Awesome!! I have never been able to get the AE chili premium wax to work on my toe caps like that. Now wondering if I shouldn't try the paste instead. Very nicely done.

Originally Posted by evolved View Post

Maybe I'm on the outs as far as this bit of knowledge goes, but does AE make the Wolverine 1000 Mile? 


Yep, and in the very rare cigar shell. Don't even think twice about it- jump on them if they have them in your size...




Originally Posted by msulinski View Post

I checked on the Ralph Lauren shoes. In size 10D, they have:

Saunders: brown

Singleton: black, brown, tan

Slaton: Black

Sanderson: Black, brown, tan/khaki, tan


I would buy the Sanderson (looks like the McNeil to me) if it came in burgundy.

You can scratch the Saunders in 10D I just got the last pair smile.gif

In the next couple of days I should receive my last pair of shell Dundee's which will give me all 5 AE shell colors in a chukka. The Saunders in brown calf should compliment them nicely along with my suede Katmai's.


Also ordered the Brooks 7 Tan Calf/Linen wingtip. Have the Strawfut in brown\brown which is the dark brown and like them a lot. These are also a great looking summer casual shoe IMO if these are the same ones and the SA thinks they are-

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Today felt like a super casual, Shelton kind of day.

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For anyone wondering about the Singletons, they are NOT on the 2 last. I posted comparison pics of them vs. the Randolph a while back. The fit pretty much like the Randolph. Maybe a bit more heel slip, but I didn't have them long enough to break them in. I paid $209 for them, which I thought was a good deal at the time. Unfortunately, the defect was too significant for me to keep them.
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Originally Posted by adsmith4 View Post

Just a heads up, the Brooks Brothers Strand and Pak Avenue are on sale for $129 at AE factory stores. That's a hell of a deal.

I just spoke with Earl and got the last 12d Walnut Strand he had in stock. He was very nice to work with. Looking forward to getting these next week. Thanks adsmith4 for sharing this special.

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2 Questions on the RL Saunders:


1) Can it be recrafted by AE?


2) Is it certainly on the 2-last?

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Originally Posted by mp906 View Post

Ordered a AE shell cordovan Wolverine 1000. First shell!

Also added a fifth ave in brown.

My wallet hurts...

how much did the 1000 mile run you? was it retail price or is it on sale?

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Saw the post earlier, I assume the Saunders are going for $130?

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Sent in an e-mail requesting the Sanderson and Saunders. Hopefully I get a response soon. Otherwise I'll have to pay the long distance and call =/


All these sales are so bad on my wallet...

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