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Every time I polish these, they get prettier.
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Originally Posted by cc808314 View Post


Couple of quick questions.
1) does the 1st ave boot have a single leather sole (it looks that way from the picture) or something similar to Daltons's sole in thickness?
2) Is the 20% off clearance just on firsts?


On item 2, thru sunday, the clearance seconds are marked down as well, but the loafers I orders were $157.60 while the 2nds at the shoe bank are $157 even.


I spot checked a couple of dainite shoes as well and they were all withing $4-5 of the shoe bank prices.

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Item 1 - not sure, I guess I always assumed it was a single and not double butyl.
Item 2 - if AE is not like the nyse and past is an indication of future performance, they'll say hurry, 20% off 1sts, then after the 15th, the clearance prices of the remaining 1sts will be reduced by 20% (or maybe less), and the 2nds will be the new price minus 20%. If that makes sense. So for some 2nds it would make sense to wait and see.

wanted to mention - I was clearly told by multiple SAs that returning 2nds to a concept store would 100% result in a restocking fee - in the past this was usually waived.
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Originally Posted by Count de Monet View Post

Dude, I don't know what's better, the shell or those herringbone pants.  Wow. Details, please?
They're actually from Club Monaco made with fabric from the "British Isles." I like them too and so much so I accidentally bought a similar pair of Rugby tweeds. Still like them both very much though.
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Originally Posted by AndyMiddles View Post

The brown calf Strands are finally starting to break in.  I've had to return some other seconds but I'm quite pleased with this pair.  The best $200 I've spent in 2016 for sure.

Really great shots, there! I feel like the dark brown calf strands are underrepresented on this forum. We usually just mostly see brown shell or walnut calf...
Originally Posted by makewayhomer View Post

makes sense to me. my guess is the variance people see across makers is mostly due to the inherent variance in Horween shell, not anything the makers are doing to it

See, that's what I would think, but literally all 5 of my AE cordovan pairs are in the same thinnish ballpark, whereas both of my Carmina pairs are super thick.
Originally Posted by tkebh979 View Post

Mojaves on daddy duty. Toddler sick days are equal parts maddening and sweet.

Back to the shoes - this feels like a better-soled moccasin. Always wondered why they rarely get mentioned (while Gobi's seem to be everywhere).

(Edited to redact parts of original photo)

Aw, I'm sorry the little one isn't well. Mine was sent home with yet another stomach virus yesterday. Aargh. Poor guy. The Monave is an older model, unlined from 2 falls ago. The Gobi was last year, so that may be why you see more of them.
Originally Posted by JezeC View Post

Gents. What’s the best way to contact the shoe bank to request for a shipping label to return seconds? I’ve emailed them a couple of times and the online chat is always offline.

I would like to get a label to ship things out during the weekend. 

I would just call them.
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Ok guys, the new thread's up! Link here to the 2016 Allen Edmonds Appreciation Thread.


@LA Guy all up to you now to freeze this thread at your convenience and link it to the new one :-)

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Originally Posted by Pastor View Post

Before the new thread starts can somebody that has an AE shell belt comment on the quality? I have enough #8 shoes that I now feel justified in owning a shell belt. I've looked at other options but I keep coming back to AE for the price of their belts.


I have both the black and the burgundy and am a fan.  Got them both from the Shoe Bank.  I couldn't discern any meaningful defects.

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Originally Posted by RichieP View Post

How long have you had your Cognacs? Have they darkened? Every time I see your pics, I think mine do not have any of the red tones yours do. And they're stamped 4045 inside the shoe (and on the box). But they have the dark welt and edge. I wonder if they're tan uppers with a dark welt. Love 'em anyway and wore 'em today. I think they'll eventually darken as they age. Still drives me batty though. crazy.gif

Edit: mine look most like @ace13x's pics at this post:



My cognacs are definitely 4045 (stamped in the tongue). My tans are 4035 (stamped on the sidewall).

My pix of the cognac show the red tones slightly more and the shoes overall are slightly darker, but the pix are pretty accurate overall. I think they've deepened but not really darkened during my six months or so of ownership.

I think the tone on yours looks really good, and I'd guess they'll only get better with age and patina.
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As has already been expressed, this thread was getting much too long, so we locked it and have now started a new thread:

Please go to it here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/518090/allen-edmonds-appreciation-thread-2016-news-pictures-sizing-accessories-clothing-etc



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