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No, @Neo1, the Rutledges were just a little slower to break in than the Rogues, which fit perfectly from the start.


I got the Rutledges at your suggestion, in fact, since you seemed to correctly think that the last is better for higher instep folks than the 5 last. I just figured an open lace version of that last would be pretty close to perfect if I can do OK in a bal. You know how bluchers tend to give you just a little more room on top.


Just for curiosity's sake, what would you have suggested?

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Originally Posted by misterellington View Post

For a Wintry Walnut Wednesday Walkin'' around town, I went with by Walnut Bleecker Streets—an oddity in my AE collection in that it's a size smaller than my usual, but equal width and SOMEHOW is one of my most comfortable pairs in the family. Yeah, a BCF find at $119.00 and I wish the Chili ones were in my size , but they're were two sizes too big.

I don't know if it's the little bit of extra shock absorption from the V-Tap rubber on the sole, but these are a pleasure to stroll in. smile.gif

Pep-style coffee shot on the subway platform, paired with my “chick-magnet” Thierry Mugler houndstooth wool overcoat. smile.gif

Do you what last the Bleeker Street is on? I find mine very comfortable also.
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Hey all. Just a follow up on my Long Branch problem(s). Just to recap, I bought my first Allen Edmonds, and while they felt fine in the store, I ultimately found that problems presented after the sale. My left foot felt perfectly fine. My right foot had minor heel slippage (but enough to cause a blister) and more concerning was that my right toe would hurt tremendously after walking in them for 10-20 minutes or more.

So the folks at the AE store thought stretching the right one a bit to widen the toe box might help with the toe pain.

After using them for half of yesterday and all of today, I can safely say that my right toe is no longer hurting me. Unfortunately, it seems stretching the right shoe has exacerbated the heel slippage issue though. I'm struggling to tie the shoe in any way that feels comfortable AND will stay that way for more than a few minutes. If I tie it so that I get no slippage, the right side of my right foot hurts. If I loosen it up too much, I'll get another blister. I've tried tying it loose in front and tighter toward the top - and that works for a few minutes, but then the laces even out and it's loose again.

Also, I tried other sizes in the store, twice, I keep landing on this size. Maybe I could try 10.5EE but this is one of the models that skip all EE sizes (most AE and JM shoes do this I've noticed).

So I feel like I need to make this pair work, and reassess my size and what lasts work better for me on my next purchase.

So far, I've tried some thicker socks just to see if it helps. It did, a bit. They don't seem to make dress type socks though any thicker. I'll try some medium cushion Smart Wool "dress" socks once they come in.

I'm also considering tongue pads (which I don't like) and/or insoles (Dr. Scholl's??)

Any advice on how to make this work would be appreciated. I've read around a lot, and have gotten good information, but welcome additional tips, or ideas. Including sock recommendations for such a situation.

Last, I've read some threads about shoe care products. I know some here will recommend AE products for AE shoes, but I'm realizing that I have Florsheim products for shoes that I don't even have anymore and JM products for my JM oxfords. If I keep it up, I'll just eventually have a massive collection of shoe care products.

How do I consolidate? What products should I get that can be used on multiple brands? Cleaner/conditioner? Salt stain remover? Is black shoe cream and/or polish the same across brands? What can be used across brands, and what can't? Are there certain AE shoe care products that are "must have" products?

I know that's a lot of questions. Thanks!
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Picked up some StockBridge's today, a bit to big for me but couldnt pass up the deal. They are in good shape too



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Originally Posted by peppercorn78 View Post

Excellent Kennies, my man! Here are my pair:

I can't give you rep, cause that's just cruel. 

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Originally Posted by BackInTheJox View Post

Wife is currently in the hospital for the next few weeks on bed rest (expecting our first child in a couple weeks), which gives me the opportunity to use my new AE Strand duffle bag as an overnight bag. Love this thing. Soft sturdy leather, easy to carry, nice capacity.

It's an exquisite “Bug-Out”/“Go” bag indeed!

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Originally Posted by BackInTheJox View Post

Nice outfit.

Those are bourbon, no?

Sorry, meant Bourbon. Walnut is a bit more orange-ey than that. 


For the record, was posting from The Ritz-Carlton's bar over a glass of Tawny Port, so yeah...that'll muck up the mind a little bit.


“Hiccup!” :)

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Originally Posted by 22busy View Post

Do you what last the Bleeker Street is on? I find mine very comfortable also.

It's on the 65 Last, and I had to go down a half size (not the full size that I apparently “posted-while-buzzed” earlier). My regular size had my heel slipping around and had odd puckers and gathers when laced. Go figure! I'm guessing the looser “Chukka” cut lends itself to a roomier fit (as I've noticed on my Gobis and Mojaves—but didn't expect on calf like the suede on the other two)

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The "flash sale" is on the main page if people were wondering. Usual 199 stuff. Some things that stood out a little were the northland, Kirkwood & Nashua if anyone is looking at those, plus the Cornwallis was 199. At least you can see pics of the bloor st & Richmond st. Personally, gonna pass - no interest in this stuff.
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Daltons at $225.  


Disappointed there's no brown Cornwallis.

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Originally Posted by middlepP View Post

Suede Fullertons. Since day 1, one of my best fitting AEs. I think these are on the 511 last? I've always thought they were chocolate but perhaps they are snuff?
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
I really like the contrast of the light welt. Added the lighter laces to help casual them up. Yet another casual balmoral conundrum.



They are snuff suede, 511 last.  Best fitting Bals I own, now regret not grabbing a pair in chili when they were dirt cheap.  


This is from when I bought them:


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I'm sure this has been asked, but trying to find the right size for a Neumoks.  I have Strand, Fifth Ave, Long Branch, and McTavish all in 11D.  They all fit, but do have some room to move around.  Would Neumoks be the same size even though they are unlined?

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Woke up thinking I'd see a sale on the shoe bank. Nothing yet
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Long Branches enjoying the dusting...ignore the odd left boot...I was carrying a heavy box and leaning all my weight that way...

Better shot
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Bourbon Strand today
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