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i ordered these Strandmok oxfords in two sizes, on the left is 8 E on the right is 7.5EEE. The one on the left has a large amount of excess material around the sole outside of the stitching. Is this acceptable?

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Is the excess uniform all around the shoe? Personally I like it with the wider welt....
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Seconds sale flyer received in the mail today:



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Originally Posted by Kahuna75 View Post


Is the excess uniform all around the shoe? Personally I like it with the wider welt....

it's fairly uniform (less in the heel) and is consistent on both shoes. Style wise i can't judge. Given that 8E is already a fairly short and wide size i wasn't sure if i want to make the proportions wider

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Originally Posted by halfnhalfnhalf View Post

Seconds sale flyer received in the mail today:



Well I guess that helps confirm the suspension. The shell is 20% off. Not the deep discount $325 sale. That was a special cordovan only sale. This is all 2nds (excluding closeout I assume)
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Well that was an interesting read fellas.

Don't think it's a good idea for my fellow Canadians including myself to purchase anything from the US with our dollar in the toilet.
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On another topic, can anyone with Olive or Tan Neumoks comment on how you wear them? They are casual but to me the Tan color seems nice for Spring/Summer while the Olive is more of a Spring/Fall shoe. I have a pair in snuff suede which probably cover Spring through Fall. Thanks in advance. 



I just picked these up as seconds. It's cold outside so they are not ideal, but I thought they could use an inaugural field trial. Damn the fashion rules for tan shoes! I paired them with some merino blend socks to stave off the frostbite. Also I don't go outside much during the day.


They will probably see use primarily with jeans but I might also have to get some linen pants for when it gets warm and I'm not feeling shorts. Maybe white, natural, or brown. I would probably avoid matchy matchy colors. Even a gray might work.


Of course when you ask "how I wear them", this is pretty much it so far:


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I love tan suede with faded denim. Nice pickup!
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Originally Posted by csmitty View Post

Originally Posted by rostov View Post

PSA: Truffle shell Cordovan McGraw on the shoebank for $399 in size 12D


I searched the forum and it seems previous pairs of this were (or are) available in different sizes, but not 12D... but if this is a repeat, my apologizes.


I cruise through the 12D to check if anything new pops up every few days, then sort by price. Didn't see these yesterday or the day before I believe. Inquired with my SA to see if they're available.

Keep wondering where these things come out of the wood work from.

@csmitty, Did you snag the Truffle Mcgraws??
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Regarding the fit of truffle McGraw's, my experience is different from Rostov's.  I find it a pretty generous fit, certainly (to me) a bit wider than my 5 last shoes in the same size.  I have a tiny bit of heel slip but nothing to complain about.  Also, they are about the only AE loafer my high instep will tolerate.  And the color is great and keeps getting better.   To paraphrase a famous Seinfeld bit, "they are truffle ... and they are spectacular." 


I snagged mine last summer from the Jefferson outlet in a 10.5E for $299. Mine have no seconds markings and no evidence of any defect.  However, they were beginning to develop a bit of "roll" already, though the soles were pristine.  My theory is that someone bought them as firsts, gave them an extensive test drive on carpet only, then decided they didn't like the fit or something and they ended up in the outlet system. 


They were actually in the system for quite a while.  However, on the printouts they'd e-mail folks, it was never listed with a model name, only the four digit number.  I figured it might be shell from the price so I called and asked what the model and color were.  When she explained they were a four last loafer in the discontinued truffle/cap brown shell and she'd honor the $299 sale price that had expired a couple of weeks before if I'd take them off her hands, ... it was like the feeling I got seeing the Cindy Crawford Super Bowl commercial back in the day for the first time.

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First of all, weren't "no homo" a Cam'ron thing before it was an SNL thing?


Second of all, I have suede McGraws, and they fit weirdly. Long-ish and narrow. But I like how the last looks, and for what I paid ($130 for brown suede seconds), I'll settle for a heel pad.

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I'd heard good things about Bick4 so decided to give it a try on some boots.  I'm lazy so I like this as it's easy to apply and seems to condition leather better than either Reno or VSC, but those are early first impressions.  It also leaves less of an oily residue compared to Reno or VSC, but that could be because of less wax content.


Waxy brown Long Branches that I had zippers installed on (horrors!) and burnished chili Daltons:



Walnut calf and walnut shell Daltons (I used VSC on the shell Daltons)


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Originally Posted by owl06 View Post

Arg, I hate my first post to be a negative one.  Ive been a long time lurker, but just recently thought I'd post.  As background, I have several custom made shoes, so I know what to expect from mass produced leather goods at a $3-400 price point, but Ive had quite a time trying to get some first quality shoes directly from the AE stores.  I wear a non-stocked size so they have all come from the factory, but either I am unlucky or there is no quality control for shoes getting shipped out direct to customers vice ones destined to be shown off in the stores.

I first bought a pair of fifth ave in bourbon, which showed up in two different colors (right shoe tiger striped and much darker on the sides with loose vamp grain, and the left one is really nice). I noticed the difference in about 4 seconds, the picture isn't as definitive, but in natural light its obvious.   So I called up and said this is unsat, to which they said they would make me another pair in 4 weeks.  But I needed them before a trip, so I asked if there was anything anywhere in my size.  Only two to choose from in all of the inventory.  I opt for a brown park ave, they ship it, and they look good on visual inspection, but as soon as I put them on, it is obvious the tongue is out of whack.  

Im not expecting exquisitely perfect shoes, but come on man.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Ive also posted of picture of my blue Neumoks that ARE actually seconds and they have the same tongue issues as the park avenue.  I expect that on seconds i buy on extra sale, not for full price -  from the factory - shoes.

Bourbon Fifth Ave with color issues and loose grain

Park Ave with tongue issue

Seconds Neumoks with same tongue issue (expected on seconds)

Hey @owl06, I just wanted to mention DWFII, a bespoke bootmaker, chimed in on this issue in the Vass thread and recommended 3/8-1/2" gap when new. Here's the link if you didn't see it:
In any case, I think your gaps are a fit issue and not a shoe quality issue.
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thought you guys might appreciate these.


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Cross Post from the MTO page. Navy Shell Graysons... More coming tomorrow when there is better lighting.





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