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Originally Posted by mcass View Post

Alden chukka vs AE Amok review (Click to show)
Thought I would post my comparison of the AE Amok as compared to an Alden 1493 snuff suede chukka.  I currently own olive Amoks (first run of Amoks, purchased on clearance at $99 - should have gotten a different color, but oh well).  Recently purchased an Alden 1493 suede chukka.  I suspect many have been curious about the differences between these two, I know I've been.  Let it be known that I'm a major AE fan, especially from a value perspective (factory second sales mean that most of my AE purchases are in the $150-200 per pair range - really can't beat this..).  I have around 12 pairs of AEs, and until now it had been the only brand that I own.

I anticipated purchasing the Alden 1493 and AE Snuff Amok to compare colors.  Your price comparison is $460 for a pair of the Aldens, to $250 for the Amoks.  Factory second Amoks would be $199. I can tell you that I've never spent over $220 on a pair of shoes before, the Aldens were a big jump for me...

I did not end up purchasing the Snuff Amok.  After receiving the Alden, I compared to my olive Amoks and found the following:

1. The quality of the Alden suede far surpasses AE's suede quality.  AE's suede isn't horrendous by any means, but Alden's is truly buttery smooth.  My AEs have only had about 4 wears so far, and there's already some marks that I know I'm gonna have a difficult time removing.  And they've been babied, in my opinion.  (Note that I did not clean these up at all before snapping the pictures below).  I feel I can confidently say that the Alden suede is going to hold up much better in the long run.

2. There are subtle differences in the shape of the shoe.  You'll notice that the AE is a bit more pointy in 2 aspects.  First, in the overall shape, the toe is a tad bit more pointy.  Secondly, the AE's cut a bit more pointy or forward where the quarters (??) meet the vamp (??) (somebody correct me if I'm using the wrong terms...).  The Aldens round downward at this area, and I personally prefer the rounded shapes of the Alden more.

3. The Alden has a small heel support on the insole.  At first, it was annoying...felt like a big piece sticking into my foot.  But comparing back and forth between the Amok and the Alden, the support is helpful and more comfortable.  As soon as I got used to it, I tried the Amoks back on and if felt like I was now missing something.  The support makes a difference in daily walking.

4. Better appearance of "layering" in the heel.  See side-by-side pics for what I'm referring to...

There aren't many other differences to speak of.  They both are 2 eyelet chukkas with an oil soaked sole and split-reverse welts.  The shape and the suede quality were my 2 big factors between the 2 shoes.

So, regardless of the price, I ended up keeping the Aldens.  My thoughts can be summarized as this: Nobody besides you, the wearer, is going to recognize the differences in these shoes.  They honestly look nearly identical.  If the little things change your opinion though, you're going to struggle with the AEs after trying the Aldens.  The Aldens are just a bit nicer.  Are they worth an extra $210-260 over the AEs?  No, not really.  The AEs are far and away a better value.  But, to me, the details made enough of a difference that I knew I wouldn't be truly satisfied with the AE version and I'd always be wanting the Alden pair.  I hope this helps anybody who's been on the fence one way or the other.  If you have money to kill, try the Aldens (I didn't, but hey..finances be damned..).  If you don't, please please please go with the AEs.  

I've included some pictures below.  Again, these are the olive Amoks versus the snuff Aldens, and I had originally planned to try the Snuff AEs until I saw the differences above...  Pardon the crappy cell pics.  Lastly - please note that I am normally an 8.5D in AE.  I took an 8E in the Aldens.  Feel free to PM if you have any questions about either of these.


Originally Posted by Beatlegeuse View Post

mcass - thanks for that informative write up on the Amok vs Alden's suede chukka. It helped to clarify a lot of things I had already suspected, but it was nice to see it articulated like that. I tried an Amok from an AE outlet, and I liked it a lot, but I'm not sure the sizing will work for me. I tried a 12D but it was too tight in the toebox, so I'm going to try a 12E, but that might be too wide in the heel. Probably a 12.5 would work better, but I'm not sure AE makes that size in the Amok. Since you said the Alden has a more rounded toebox, that may fit my foot better. I'll definitely give it a try if I can't get the AE sizing to work.

The AE outlet near me finally got the snuff suede Amok in 12E that I wanted to try on, but they don't work for me either. 12D was too tight in the toe, 12E was too wide in the heel, 13D was too long and generally too big all around, and 12.5 doesn't exist in this shoe, outside of a special order size I suppose. I guess this shoe probably isn't going to work for me, so I think I'll try the Alden, which I know are available in a 12.5.
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Anyone have any idea what the AE model #4325 is? I can't seem to figure out what model AEs I got Hahaha. They are nearly the sane as the cliftons on the bottom of pg3 of this thread. Also, they also say "COMBO" on the inside where the numbers are. Any help would e appreciated.
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I work Saturdays, and that is when I can break out the "business casual" stuff. I already have the Quinton, and I figure I can wear the lighter colors with linen or shorts.

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Does anyone have a list of the shoes offered in the 2 for 200? Also, any idea when the sale goes until?
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^ The stock turns over very quickly so even if someone lists your size, it could be sold out before you even see the post. I don't remember when the sale ends but there are still a few days left.

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Any idea if its on most everything in the outlets?
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Just want to say that I had great service from Allen Edmonds.  The heel on one of the Park Avenues I purchased started unglueing in the middle layer.  Contacted Allen Edmonds and after shipping it back they ended up replacing the soles for both shoes for free!

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Originally Posted by mikeman View Post

Any idea if its on most everything in the outlets?

I believe it's discontinued models in the outlets, as well as a few other select shoes. You should call or email the shoebank now- you don't want the stock to run out!

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Originally Posted by mikeman View Post

Does anyone have a list of the shoes offered in the 2 for 200? Also, any idea when the sale goes until?


sale ends may 13

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Thinking about buying the strand in walnut. Is it too stuffy for a college student?

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Call the outlet and ask for them to email you a list of shoes in your size that are included in the sale. I was able to snag the last pair of Player's in snuff suede (Seconds) and black Bayfield boots (firsts) for $200 plus tax!
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This thread is sorely lacking in pics.

Where are all those 2 for $200 that everyone is picking up? confused.gif
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Originally Posted by JubeiSpiegel View Post

This thread is sorely lacking in pics.
Where are all those 2 for $200 that everyone is picking up? confused.gif


Hey I posted some! But agree-




So here are my black Bayfields with 2 coats of AE polish and a coat of AE cream under. Could use a bit more polish but are getting there. Love the brown Bayfields which are my go to boot for Sporting Clays and the Skeet Field, no brainer picking up the black ones in the sale. These I can wear with a sport coat and tie, especially in the winter:



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Originally Posted by Pacinko View Post

Getting some walnut McAlisters delivered this week.....When I placed the order I only included AE shoe polish and forgot to include some conditioner/cleaner.  So I just ordered it separately today and it is on backorder.  My question is do I need to wait for the conditioner to arrive and be applied to the shoe before wearing?


I personally would not wear them without conditioning first because I feel it helps with the break-in process and keeps the initial creasing from being too severe.  Some here will tell you the exact opposite and they are not necessarily wrong.  There is no hard and fast rule on this.

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Originally Posted by calidist View Post

Does anyone have any feedback on the Titan Rubber Sole to share?  I'm assuming it is supposed to function as a traditional Dainite sole; however, it is not made by Dainite, right?  I'm interested to see what people think of its comfort, traction and durability.


I have the Titan rubber sole on my AE Malverns and have no complaints.  Very comfortable and durable thus far.

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