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Thanks Tifosi - I'm not so new to the forum, just to this thread!


I have a thing for spectators: classic black/white Broadstreet, white/walnut Cliftons, black/black Strawfut (I live in a very hot climate), and perhaps the weirdest one: black patent "Times Square" specials with blue trim.  I got a little carried away...but I can't wait to see them!

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Ahhh I see. Well...welcome to the thread! I am on my mobile phone and don't see your post count, haha.

Congrats on the purchases!
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Originally Posted by patrick_b View Post

Just found this cigar vs. AE brown shell for reference:



Those strands look EXACTLY like my AE Walnut Shell Cordovan Strands... Give me a minute, I take take a pic of them next to Cigar...



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Originally Posted by mimo View Post



I've never posted here before - I only have one pair of AEs; a vintage sharkskin Shelton, with silly laces:




Anyway, the reason I'm posting today is that someone just introduced me to the "AE Shoe Bank".  I thought it might be awkward to deal with an outlet from outside the US, but man, that was easy.  Only downside was getting hit for NY sales tax as my mailing address forwards from there!  Anyway, all I can say is these people have an amazing service culture as well as pretty decent shoes.  Knowing that I can check out all these deals at any time is very dangerous.  One pair of AE is now about to be five...the others already on their way.  Can't wait.

Also, I was so impressed with the service I asked the sales guy I was dealing with for his manager's email.  To whom I sent this, copied to the CEO and VP of Allen Edmonds!



Customer Feedback: Allen Edmonds "Shoe Bank" (Click to show)

Dear Ms --------

Earlier today, I discovered the "Shoe Bank" for the first time, having been referred by a friend in the US.  Living outside North America, I've had a few problems in the past buying from US retailers, and was unsure whether it would be possible to do business.

However, I am very happy to say that your Sales Associate, Mr V------- V------, has not only made this process extremely easy, but probably ensured my business for years to come: I have one pair of AE shoes; a vintage sharkskin saddle.  Before too long, that will be five pairs.  I suspect that number will continue to rise.

Perhaps when some people ask for email addresses of the line manager and top management of a sales associate, it's to make a complaint and vent some kind of frustration.  However, I generally feel that in those circumstances, it's better to resolve the issue with the man in front of you, so to speak.  As a manager myself, what I do know is that it's good to hear independently when a colleague has done a good job.  So I thought I'd take a couple of minutes to let you know - that V---- V------ does a great job.

Friday afternoon is a time when a lot of people in retail and service industries are looking at their watches and getting ready to run for the door.  But my initial enquiry got a comprehensive response within, literally, minutes.  Every time I emailed with another question or query, I received a response rapidly, with the utmost clarity and courtesy.  It couldn't have been easier to be a customer.

All of these things are a credit to you, no doubt, in having strong systems and procedures to ensure that the customer gets a great choice and an efficient service.  Well done.  The existence of the "Shoe Bank" alone is testament to some impressively strong customer culture.  But as managers we all know that, when it comes to the real world, everything we do is in the hands of the person with the front line interface.  The one who has to smile and answer stupid questions, correct the misguided and enlighten the confused, with patience and good grace.  Those guys sell your products as much as any design, price offer or quality standard could ever do, and more.

V------- V-------- is one of those guys.  Maybe you could do something nice for him.

Thank you for your time, and as V-------- put it "Best shoe regards!"



VERY CLASSY!  Also, I am happy that your experience with AE has been so pleasant, but I'm not surprised since all of us on this thread have experienced such customer service.  Every time I think about buying a shoe from another maker, I always stick with AE because they are so pleasant to work with...  Congratulations to you on your purchase!

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Here you go... AE Walnut Shell versus Alden Cigar Shell... Of course the colors vary and the AEs are about 2 years old now and the Aldens have been worn three times (and are in dire need of brushing).





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My Allen Edmonds story:


I have been lurking  here a good bit as I have recently made the decision to upgrade some of my work boots after a 30 year stint with BA Mason (yes, please make faces. I know how bad their quality has declined in the past decades. Not an idiot-just cheap and unconcerned.  And I had no requirements at my cabinet shop for anything other then their standard 'Lil Abner' toe, acid-tanned farm boot and they were always just adequate) So-becoming tired of that look my Daisy Mae started to poke fun and I plunked down for a pair or two of 1000m Wolverines. (Keep in mind-while I knew of-I hadn't really known much about AE shoes and it was only recently, by coincidence, that a young sales girl at an AE store in town here told me that the 1000m line were all made by AE. Not sure if thats true but it speaks to the same point about quality)


So-by last  Feb. I have the 1000m and I started to read about leather. Long story short-I ended up here and about a dozen other sites discussing the minutiae of leather craft, shell, construction, welts lasts etc. etc. 


Now its Sept and I have (in addition to about 10 pair of half decent Italian, Mexican (Justin ropers) and Swiss oxfords, lace-ups and such I now have four pair of AE. One is a pair I did not even know was AE as I bought them when I was a kid of 20-something in the 80s. In fact-the Cornwall loafers were stuffed in the back of my closet and whilst digging around for trees I spotted them and was stunned I had enough presence and taste to select a pair of AE from (I think it was a store called Century 21 in lower Manhattan?).  I even requested info from AE and they could only confirm that the Cornwall was made in the 80s and maybe early 90s. I am wondering if I have shell as its incredibly soft and supple affter years of neglect and I can see a colour shift when I apply pressure or bend them. I have to say--I only recently read about shell cord when I bought the 1000m and I can't imagine I would have shucked out a lot more back in the80s for something I never even knew about. But-who knows?  They may have been marked down so much it never occurred to me.  I also am wearing right now a brand new pair of Cronmoks which feel exactly like their name- moccassins. And a pair of Strawfut to replace a favorite old Italian/linen that I also recently found out had been fooling me for years(or I should say-made a fool out of me as they turned out to be fake welted and I was too smitten with the beautiful calf upper to notice. Embarrassing when the 1/8" leather peeled out of the leather-look rubber form and a thin sole of leather was slapping against a little hand sewn Italian(or so the stamp claimed) leather upper footsie. (Filenes @ $39 in the mid- 90s. But I really thought they were 'fine hand made' oy)


And last but not least is my new 5th st. in black which I decided was every bit as rugged as the 1000m except its more refined and streamlined. Boy do I love this boot. (I did have to adjust my size for its longish/narrow last though. For me-down a 1/2 from 11 to 10.5 and up from D to E. I could even manage with a 10EEE but the nice girl at the shop convinced me to lean towards the 10.5. 


And lastly-The service at the AE store in center city Philadelphia is so outstanding that they were willing to let me exchange my brown/brown mesh Strawfut for the  the more spectacular (imo) walnut with linen model even though I A) had no receipt and B) purchased the mesh at Nordstroms.  In 2 weeks I'll be able to wear the new boats for a few weeks before the 'official' summer season ends up here. (not that I ever stood on seasonal codes but I may try an preserve these by sticking to the seasons while I'm up north. 


 So-I am pretty well fixed for the time being with my vintage Cornwall slip-ons, Brown Cronmoks, black 5th st. and soon my linen Strawfut. But as if that wasn't enough I was scouring the web for info when I came across these NOS with a BIN that was too much for such an odd show so I took a chance at a long shot 80% less offer and the nice girl selling said "okay". I was pretty stunned and payed in 8 seconds before she changed her mind and realized almost any AE like-new for <$40 is almost a joke. But even worse then my Cornwalls which are pretty well worn I can't find ANY info on these odd duck 'Spencer' oxfords in black corded suede (1st pic) If anybody can tell me ANYTHING about these I would appreciate it. I wrote AE and even they havn't written back. Maybe their stumped? At least they knew when my 'Cornwalls' were made. I can only find a few pics for reference and some are of this very pair(not my pic):



Here are some other pics to introduce myself and spread some shoe cheer (or not, depending):

1. About 1/2 of the shoes I own. (the best half with the exception of Frye and Justin boots) Startin with the suede chukka moving clockwise:

1. Suede Italian benchmade Chukka, 2.The 'famous' 'Italian' linen wing-tips that I bought in the 90s and "Loved to death" becasue they were SO SO comfortable and then I found out the welt is a faked rubber glue-job and I'll be trashing them by Summers end for the 3. Strawfut next to them (which will actually be a linen and brown in a couple weeks. 4.A one-off pair of Dirk Bickenberg formal modified 'spats' that are supposed to be made by Bally. They are sweet looking but a smidge stiff. I wish I wore them more but like to look at them still.5. The Cornwall slip-ons I mentioned before (which I will post in close-up to solicit opinions as to whether these could possibly be shell) 6.and 7. I really shouldn't have posted but its only because it proves that a shoe doesn't have to be top-notch or top-tier to be ULTRA comfortable or decent looking. 6 is a Cole-Haan nike air which really lives up to the "air" part. leather is fair-not great. And the wing-tip lace-ups are by Hudson boots. I don't think they are built all that well with synthetic sole and fabric lining but they also wear like air and I'll probably throw down the $25 to thicken their thin cheap soles just to get a little more wear out of them. 8. H.Boss hiking boots  in a limited  edition made by Merril for hugo boss in around 2001.(love these boots. they mold to your feet with the norway welts and wide flat last. I used to wear with a black suit when i was more of a 'hipster' but now I wear to hike.9. The famous 5th st. -enough said. 10.the famous 1000m- in cordavan#8-enough said.  11.English lace-up boots that I can't remember who made but I can identify by the nail pattern on heel if I go back to the forum thread that delves into nail patterns and british boot makers. I want to say it starts with a 'G'.... 12. Cronmoks. not as 'beautiful' as the 5th st. but they make up for their strange 'humpyness' or 'lumpyness'? by being by far the most comfortable boot I own. Pretty much like moccasins

More of same:


CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), default quality


-Cole-Haan, Dirk Bickenbrg, AE Cornwall (far right. can anyone say if they think these could be shell or just soft calf? The creases are smooth:


--AE Strawfut and Cronmok:


CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), default quality


Cronmok and 20yr old unknown english boots:


CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), default quality


My 2 current faves:

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), default quality


--H.Boss/Merril alpine boots and cheap-ass but damn comfortable wing-tip lace-ups :


CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), default quality


-Dirk Bknb by Bally:

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), default quality




And finally-I wanted to show 2 more non-AE only because these were two pairs of shoes I bought YEARS ago before I knew much of anything about quality and construction but by either luck or good instinct I think I did okay with these two as I still enjoy wearing both as both are fantastic and comfortable:

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), default quality



a) old 90s Cable & Co. (before Bacco Bucci bought them out)  nu-bucks and a limited edition welted and made in USA original  Abraham Hyde 50s  style football shoe (re-issue). Hyde is the company that made the first US hockey skates and P.F. flyers. This was a special run of their  most iconic sport shoe from before the days of running sneaks and before they bought Saucony and took off again.  Nothing so great-I just think they are neat. I bought two pr because I knew I would never see them again in my lifetime. 


Thank you for looking and I am a big boy so I can take any comments both negative and positve about any of my tastes, or notions about the shoes I own. I also don't mind being corrected if need be and enjoy the info about shoes wherever it comes from. (i'm pretty sure the Cornwalls are NOT shell but...)


I will be around trying to absorb more knwledge before I make any commentary that might be considered useful. If i'm an expert in anything-it would be the whole "work boots as big trend-setters" issue as I have been wearing ropers, wing-tip lace-up and plain red-wing, carolina, and mason farm boots for 30 odd years. Braces too-silk and leather only. Other then that0-I just started to really appreciate fine shoes even though I thought I knew what they were before-I only knew enough to barely pass.

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Originally Posted by tsekh View Post

I'm debating between Cambridge or Jefferson in brown shell... will probably for for the Jefferson for a slightly 'cleaner' look. Anyone owns both Cambridge/McAllister and Jefferson?


Yes, all three.  As you know, they are all on the same last.  The only difference in appearance I can recall is (I think) the Jefferson lacks the broguing around the throat of the shoe.  Now I'm curious and will check when I get home.


I know I don't prefer the styling of one over the others.  It would be like asking which of my kids I liked the best.

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Originally Posted by tifosi View Post

My Cambridge have this splotchy appearance to them, still. I guess I am slowly removing the factory polish everytime I Mac them? I am afraid to outright strip them. I guess I'll just keep Mac'ing them till they look like Patrick's!
When I bought them...

After a couple Macs...


My new ones have a bit of that as well.  Other than a bit of Reno during my first work session with them, it's been nothing but Mac method.  They slowly seem to be coming around.


I have sort of penciled in New Year's Day for their first tiny bit of wax.  Maybe I will have whipped them into better shape by then.

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Originally Posted by tifosi View Post

*and check

Originally Posted by random-adam View Post

It never fails.

Every time patrick_b posts photos:
  • My brain melts.
  • I kind of want to cry.
  • I have this barely-controllable urge to run home and brush my shell cordovan shoes until my arms fall off.
Originally Posted by OptoDoc View Post

Patrick, I never tire of looking at your pictures.

Sadly, it's akin to ogling a beautiful model you'll never have a chance to date.

Awwww shucks guys. Thanks for the kind words.
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If this is still relevant, here's an awesome hands-on post on bleaching and painting a pair of shoes:

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Thoughts on the Patriot loafer?

Anyone know of a store that has it for less than msrp that qualifies for AE price matching?
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Originally Posted by CalTex View Post

Thoughts on the Patriot loafer?

Anyone know of a store that has it for less than msrp that qualifies for AE price matching?

Can't help with a price match scenario. However, Factory outlets had a sale as of last week. I bought the dark brown shell Patriot for ~$350. I don't know when the sale ends or ended but you could contact any factory outlet (i.e., or call the shoebank to inquire about price & availability.
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Originally Posted by CalTex View Post

Thoughts on the Patriot loafer?

Anyone know of a store that has it for less than msrp that qualifies for AE price matching?

The factory outlet sale ended on Tuesday. There will probably be another before the end of the year or in January.

Also the AE annual "discover America" sale comes up this month, which typically gives a little chunk off of everything, and a bigger slice off of 13 chosen styles.

If you don't need exotic widths (like I do), you could sign up for Amazon shoe department promo emails, which gets you a one-time 20% gift certificate to use on shoes. Many here have stacked that coupon with Amazon sale prices to get some good deals.
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I don't worry too much about missing AE sales. Wait a month and a new sale will begin. The value AE provides is amazing. Has anyone ordered the new NST boot?
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Originally Posted by bespoken pa View Post

I don't worry too much about missing AE sales. Wait a month and a new sale will begin. The value AE provides is amazing. Has anyone ordered the new NST boot?
Not yet, but I have been thinking about it. I was going to reserve judgement till it showed up at my local AE store.
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