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For pinning. A bit contrived for my tastes. A regular club collar is nicer.
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Here's one.
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Originally Posted by alflauren
Thanks for the term. I have seen similar collars, but they usually have eyelets in them. This is one of the collars that is available from
If I remember correctly so did Douglas's
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Gekko sported the horizontal stripped shirt, which I have recently seen in BB. The Gekko is alive.
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I like the rounded collars. I've heard of them referred to as "continental collars" for whatever that's worth. So far I've gotten my Jantzen shirts all made with the rounded "simi" collar style since it's near impossible to find such at stores.
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Can you post a pic, GS?
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sure Chorse, not at the moment obviously but will take some pics later.
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I work on Wall St. Hermes ties are everywhere. Gucci loafers are not. Just like anywhere else, some guys dress well. Some dont.
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Originally Posted by alflauren View Post
Here's one.

Gekko wears a pink body-white club collar shirt in his office when Bud bursts into his office.

Prior to that, Bud wears one on the jet with Gekko when he launches the idea to take over Bluestar.

I have two club collar shirts but only wear them to church on Sundays.
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You realize this was from a year ago right?
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I've always rolled my eyes whenever someone on the street glorified Hermes ties. I don't think that mentality is as prevalent as it was 10 years ago. Honestly I had no idea why Hermes was so damn popular after finally checking them out due to some peer prodding.
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Kabbaz made Gekko's shirts - search on AAAC.

I despise the patterned Hermesagammo look - I do own a striped Ferregamo, which is an ok tie.

Give me an Isaia suit, wide spread collar, and Barbera tie any day of the week. Brown shoes please!
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There def is somewhat of a herd mentality. As some mentioned before, Hermes ties (along w Ferragamo) are almost standard issue. Brooks is indeed a default, at all levels. I work for a bulge bracket Wall St firm, and I am one of maybe two other guys who I see w braces on. In the 80s Im sure it was like half the firm. Just the way the herd is running right now I suppose. Hell w it - Im going to continue to wear my braces.
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