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Schuberts--demand for NYC appointments?

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I'm thinking about taking some appointments in New York. I do think that self-measurement is an obstacle, and some customers just seem to prefer ordering offline.

I'm trying to gauge the demand so I can decide. Price will be $215 for the benchmark calfskin MTM--leather quality of Spencer's shoes recently posted here--and I'll likely take $50 deposit for appointees to cover travel expenses, which will be credited towards the shoe purchase.

Fire away--
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I am afraid I don't know too much about your shoes but for MTM shoes at that price, I would be interested in giving it a whirl.
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Thanks Canta. A search on "Schubert" will turn up threads with photos and customer comments so I won't add more here.
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What rough time frame would you be looking at?
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Just saw some. Can you do a chiseled toe?

Are the shoes goodyear welted?
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i'm taking appointments for june 15-17 NYC for the following times: june 15, thursday: 11am-2pm, 5pm-10pm june 16, friday: 11am-2pm, 5pm-10pm june 17, saturday: 1pm-4pm hours are in recognition of the long hours many lawyers and bankers work to afford the great wardrobes they have. location TBA. $50 deposit for appointments, to go towards travel expenses, and the $50 will be credited towards your shoe purchase. i'm no EG or Chan and need to cover my basic costs and reduce my risks in order to provide the low price. PM or email me (yoonseok.lee@gmail.com) for appointments. if this time doesn't fit your schedule, let me know as well. -- i am also taking appointments in Boston for june 8-9. hours to be announced. contact me if you want in and have a preference about hours. -- Order will take 4-8wks. I also offer $315 SC-grade shoes with superior construction and leather, which are made in 4-5wks. $215 standard-grade calfskin MTM will be offered as well, of course. The shoes are goodyear-welted. I'll post up a sample pic of the SC-grade shoes soon, and would be curious to hear your own analysis on the difference between the SC-grade and standard calfskin.
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seok, you can pencil me in for an appointment.

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edmorel, good stuff. let me know which date/which date and time would work for you, in good time.
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I am good any of those days ideally at the earlier time slot as I can meet uo with you during my lunch hour.
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k. just PM me/post which day you want, the only lunchtime appointment i have is for 16th (Friday) 12.30.
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