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Opinion on color combination?

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I got a dark brown Hugo Boss suit with pinstripes (faint yellow and orange - hard to tell what color unless really close up) and a Black pinstripe one by Theory. What are peoples' opinions on wearing a black french cuff shirt with either and a nice colorful, bold tie, either for a wedding or dinner/dance reception? I'm not necessarily going for a trad look, more like a hip, younger look. I'm in my late 20s and still like the more fashion forward looks of designers found at Bloomingdales (although I have learned from reading the forum that they are necessarily well made). Hope I'm not considered violating any fashion sense.
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Black shirts or dark shirts for that matter remind me to much of the early 90's. The black on black would give you a trendy look depending on the tie, nice silverish/grey tie but with the brown i would def not touch black.
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I wouldn't go there. I'd consider a cream-colored shirt with that tie, and prettier colors, not necessarily "bold" in the sense of blocky. Take a look at what Talbott has to offer, maybe their more Etro-like stuff.
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For the brown suit try an orange shirt with a tie (not necessary orange) but something to bring out the stripes or talbott has some nice patterns of yellow and blues in checks and stripes that would work. This should be easy to find something fun to do with as it seems as though the colors are pretty bold right now. The black would do a white shirt and some sort of tie. There has been some discussion of this (depending on your pinstripe color) about black pinstripe suits with ties due to the corneliani's sold on STP. I usually wear a greyish tie, but found that a nice sherbert orange can liven it up a bit as well as candy color pinks.
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I wear dark brown alot. I've put about every color with it.
except yellow.I like brown with purples /lavenders, some where on the the suit,pocketsquare, tie and even shirt.
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Originally Posted by designprofessor
I wear dark brown alot. I've put about every color with it.
except yellow.I like brown with purples /lavenders, some where on the the suit,pocketsquare, tie and even shirt.

I agree pairing up the dark brown and black with purple/lavender/lilac colors. Thing is, I do it all the time. I figured I'd go with a brown suit/black shirt or black suit/black shirt and throw in some sort of lavendar or pink or green tie along with a pocket square.

I guess the pinstripe black on black will work depending on the accessories. I figure the dark brown suit/black shirt with the right colors would work too.

Hell, I can pull off a lot of things.
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you can't go any safer than a light blue. Black is never an option for a dress shirt.

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Independently of which suit you choose to wear, a black shirt with a lighter coloured tie is pretty risky; as other posters have noted, you run the risk of looking like a character from The Sopranos or a sportscaster. It might work with a black tie (esp. if the tie has some texture to it), for a fashion-forward Matrix-y look, but even that is a bit 1994.
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I have to say also that a dark shirt, light tie combo is a fashion no-no.

Black shirt with a suit to me looks too simple and uninspiring. A black shirt looks great with the arms rolled up, top two buttons undone and paired with pants like slim chinos, some sort of casual pants. Jeans would also work but this look is copied too much.

A brown suit is not the easiest thing to match but when done properly, u can look extremely sharp. Since the stripes would make the suit itself look fresh and new(i.e trendy), I would go with bolder patterns for a shirt and tie combo. Pick a checkered shirt, gingham would look great in a relatively bright color, like pastels, etc and pair it with a decently loud tie and a equally loud pocket square. I know Polo Black Label is pushing the brown suit but for me at least, a brown suit is would be a casual suit and not for business business if you know what I mean.

Black pinstripe suit - it all depends on the pinstripe. Is it a really high constrast or subtle constrast. High constrast means shirt/tie combo or shirt/suit combo has to be high constrast. Subtle constrast is a bit easier and basically the terms that work for the brown suit would look good with this suit also.
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