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People are more frequent to comment on articles of clothing/shoes that deviate from the norm, rather than noticing subtlety. I have a sportcoat that I purchased my freshmen year of college from Banana Republic (predating Styleforum by three years)--its about an 1-1.5" too long, and made from a mediocre wool twill, but it has a nice taper, and the twill looks interesting with jeans.

During the spring and summer, I have a pair of English tan captoes with a floating medallion from Lidfort that always attract attention. They are definitely NOT the best constructed nor most expensive shoe in my wardrobe, but they are lighter colored and stand out. People love 'em. Contrast to my city boots from EG, which look like a black blucher under slacks or jeans. No one notices. I like it that way.

An even more telling thread, would be responses to watches and timepieces. My $30 Fossil has received 10x more compliments than anything else I own. My UNs? Unless I'm at a decent jeweler or watch store, no one has a clue. Again, I like that.
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Originally Posted by Margaret
I love that shoe -- the color and styling are damn near perfection. Is it not particularly well-made? I know J&M's aren't considered 'better' shoes, but are there specific construction deficiencies?

Mine bleed color onto my socks, and the leather went belly-up in less than a year. This for "made in Italy" J&Ms (which I like anyway).
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Originally Posted by Mr. Checks
Mine bleed color onto my socks, and the leather went belly-up in less than a year. This for "made in Italy" J&Ms (which I like anyway).

Wow, too bad they're so poorly made -- the styling is so great! The AE Delrays are close, but I don't like the smooth finish on the leather -- too dressy for me.
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I get alot of compliments on a navy chalk stripe that I still wear. It was one of the first suits I bought and its from JC Penney's.
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I got a lot of compliments today on a solid gray 2-button Hickey Freeman suit that I bought on ebay for $50 shipped. Though, admittedly this is a really nice suit that I got a steal of a deal on on ebay. This suit probably retailed for over a grand.
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I have this crappy $250 Men's Wearhouse suit that people seem to love. The only alterations I had done were shortening the sleeves and hemming the pants. Or maybe it's not that crappy?
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