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Crockett & Jones quality vs. these Church's

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Hi all,

I'm buying a new pair of loafers. My choices were between:

I've leaned more toward the C&J's, as they can be worn with more outfits, etc. - but wondered what you guys could tell me about the quality vs. the Church's?

I'd be very interested to hear your feedback as I know there are a lot of knowledgeable folks on this forum. Thanks!
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Quality wise there will not be much in it if anything, some may argue the whole Prada thing (yawn) its all down to your preference. Mine would be the C&J's purely because i prefer the colour and as you say they would tend to suit more outfits but each to his/her own.
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Thanks for your response. I'm sort of trying to decide what size I am right now. As I'll be ordering from pediwear, I can't try them on.

Today, I tried on a pair of Grenson's and some Church moccasins. The Grenson's had a leather sole, and were a 7.5 but felt a little tight on my right foot. The Church's I tried in both a 7 and a 7.5 -- the 7 was snug, and the 7.5 came off the heel slightly, but not much.

What would you say I should go for, size wise?
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What width were the Church's maybe a larger width 7 may have done the trick. Always bear in mind shoes do tend to loose a bit of "snug" upon breaking in. The Grenson Rose shoes i have on the 96 last all were a little snug at first but now fit like gloves just for info......
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As you are in London, you can have access to trying on these brands in stores. You'll have to follow your gut and the advice of the salesman on fit. I don't think anyone on the internet can really give you good advice. I too think the critiques of post-Prada Church shoes are overblown. I have one pair of pre-Prada Church shoes and two pairs of post-Prada shoes, and I question the claims that quality has dropped off. These particular loafers are calf, not (grain corrected) bookbinder, so they will age well and hold up nicely. In this case, I do like the color of the C&J loafers more, but I prefer the shape of the Church (though I have no personal experience with the 93 last). Both will be well made shoes.
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Thanks a lot for the responses. I also like the shape of the Church's more, but they don't have them in a darker colour - only suede. Perhaps I'll get a pair of them in suede another time, but for now I need a workhorse shoe.

You've been very helpful, guys.
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Dear all,

I bought another pair of church shoes... unfortunately I had many many problems due to their quality and CHURCH is not supporting in any way.

I brought my sohoes back ti the Churck store and they gave me those back after 2 months with the same problem...

SInce that moment I m still trying to get support from CHurch UK but without any success...

Did anyone of you have any similar experience? what have you done?

Please help me!!!


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I would certainly NOT buy Barker shoes, as they ripped the skin off my heel after a few hours, and I have to take legal action to get a refund, despite them have the shoes back. I thought this was how dodgy car salesman acted, not British shoe manufacturers, their emails are somewhat childish and they don't seem to care about UK law. Stick with a good reputable company.

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