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Savon de Marseille

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Have any of you guys used this kind of soap? It is pretty expensive but sounds and looks great! I was researching it a little though on Wiki, and it said during the process of making it, that they remove the glycerin. That is the only thing that has stopped me from buying some to try... Is it really that moisturizing even though they skimmed out the glycerin? I've always thought that soaps were much better with it left in.
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Dime a dozen in the markets along southern France. That doesn't mean it's bad. But in the States it becomes a luxury item. Sickening, no?
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Yeah well, oil is cheap in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Beef is expensive in Japan, etc. I'd expect that soap to be cheap there. I'm just wondering how this would compare to say...a much cheaper Kiss My Face Olive Oil bar. Would a classless American like me even notice the difference? If not...then I'm on my way to Kroger heh
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You may want to look into savon d'Alep, if you're considering it for your skin as opposed to doing the laundry with it. In my experience, it lasts forever, so it may be more expensive, but in the end, it doesn't seem to ever shrink. I've never used it on my face personally. It's a piece of history you'd be buying there. Try it from a reputable source.
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Thanks Fabienne, I can't find any info on that in english but it seems like expensive stuff!
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L'Occitane makes an olive oil soap, and their other soaps have shea butter. About $8/bar but they last forever. Less awkward shape too.
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I've never heard of L'Occitane, is it better than KMF?
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I have tried both the olive oil and palm oil "blocks" on my skin. (First, I chopped them up into manageably sized bars). The stuff was fine on my body, but did not agree with my face - much too drying. Both the regular and shea butter bars from l'Occitane were better.
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thanks guys, i'll look elsewhere, drying soap is what i'm trying to get away from
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I second all the shea butter products by L'Occitane. Especially their hand cream. But the store can be addictive, proceed with caution.
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How long would an 8.8oz bar of the L'occitane soap last? This looks like great stuff... Is it possible to be too moisturizing? I had a problem with dry skin caused by my bath soaps and cold winter air, but now that it is summer, I don't think I'd need it. Should I keep this one in mind for next cold season?
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