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Originally Posted by The_Foxx View Post
you know, if that jacket had narrow lapels it might be pretty cool. Reminds me of Etro.

Where do you see any lapels? Still, I love that jacket very much.
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Originally Posted by Tibor View Post
Barims you have one of, if not the most unique and original style on Style Forum. Some might see it as Dandyism but anyone with a brain could tell it is natural and fresh. i get very inspired by what you do on a daily basis.

Thank you, T. Seeing as I post pics on a weekly basis at best, I think you may be overstating my "influence" a tad. This basis usually works as I'm out and about only a few times a week, but having broken my already substandard camera, I rely on any nearby snappers

I find the notion of what constitutes a modern dandy fairly, if not totally, interesting. What The_Foxx says about "somewhat modern adaptations of style, not quite crossing the line into "period costume" from the early part of the century" works for me. As someone living in a city with Royal Ascot and morning dress for weddings, I don't find top hats, for example, utterly antiquated (merely occasional), whereas the folks with the handlebar moustaches and the overarching tweed fetishes aren't necessarily my cup of tea sartorially

Originally Posted by lasbar View Post
A dandy is never scared of being different...

Labelking is a real Dandy and Barims..They're exquisite anachronisms...

Thanks, L. I've no real intentions of laying personal claim to dandyism; I believe it's a total package that I certainly couldn't wholly commit to. It also requires total elegance and as I type, instead of a silk robe and velvet slipers, I have on a knit jumper and some old, scruffy slacks - home zone clothing

I like what Manton wrote at about being "a clothing only dandy," although even that to me is cheating somewhat. Still, he has a certain chic simplicity

Incidentally, that "Who's The Dandy?" series is a lot of fun and thought in spite of the ever present nastiness. It's interesting seeing the one with a friend of mine from almost 2 years ago - the photos used are embryonic of the more creative and refined manner in which he now dresses
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Barims , do not forget that Dandies are always laughed at to start with.

A Dandy is an artist.You need vision ,creativity ,self-confidence and a certain dose of narcissism mixed with raw sensitivity.
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