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Necessary items for the modern Dandy?

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Hopefully only a few more weeks until I return to the USA for good-- in the meantime, thought this might make for interesting discussion-- with links or photos of examples.

What items do you consider absolute necessities for the modern Dandy?

Here are my submissions, the subject came to mind when I saw the collection of NWT gloves from Jay Kos currently on the auction block.

1. A few pairs of elegant gloves. You've gotta see the gloves (from suede, chamois, to formal light grey "black tie" pairs) if only for viewing pleasure (all NWT for less than a hundred bucks)


Someone PLEASE buy these before I buy something else I don't need:, I am already imagining them with a tuxedo for winter formal events....

2. One solid navy blue, one solid black grenadine knit ties (the Dandy's prestige may be increased by owning additional colors?)

3. An elaborate or tool-intensive shoeshine kit (extra points for Saphir products, or 1,000,000 point bonus for using Champagne instead of water for polishing)

4. Single breasted jacket, peaked lapels. Never thought this could double for businesswear myself, but thought it was a brave look.

5. Pink shirt, french cuffs.

6. Pretty sure the modern Dandy owns, he does not rent. Lapels are most likely peaked with one button jacket, lest the Dandy risk public scoffs from traditionalists. Super Bonus points awarded for shades of midnight blue or navy, or a colorful lining.


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What the fuck happened to you, man? Shit, your ass used to be beautiful!
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Six identical pair of longwings.
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A hacking jacket in dark green herringbone. Preferably rlpl.
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A bottle of good whisky under your pillow.
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High quality socks in thoughtful colors.
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Originally Posted by binge View Post
What the fuck happened to you, man? Shit, your ass used to be beautiful!

I'm.....not really sure how to translate that, but I've been overseas working for quite a while. If luck is with me, I will be returning to the USA to live in Northern Virginia in about 7 days! here's hoping!

Good submissions, everything from the hacking jacket and whiskey to RJ's cat. I'll throw in another one, pretty sure every modern dandy has to have a decent supply of suede items. There are a ton of these jackets in every size on ebay right now, sorely tempted to get one myself-- but already have a brown cord jacket, not sure I can justify another sportcoat at the moment.


oh....and probably some bold pinstripes, that pretty much has to be in the dandy's wardrobe as well, right? Thought this one looked pretty sharp as an example:

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My first thought was gloves.
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LabelKing's blog is a good synopsis of the practical must-haves.

In the meantime, a Rivarama would be pretty nice.

- B
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a beautifully carved, gold tipped walking cane.

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Originally Posted by The_Foxx View Post
5. Pink shirt, french cuffs.

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1. White suit
2. Mistress
3. Drug addiction

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