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Originally Posted by LabelKing
Jil Sander used to be known as one of the most expensive designer brands out there, rivalling Brioni, etc. pricewise.

No kidding. But her materials were second to none, and unique to boot, and the construction of her garments rivalled that of anyone. I have two moleskin shirts from either her first or second menswear seasons (97 was the first season) that are still in terrific condition (although a snap has fallen out of each). They retailed at $450 apiece. Their was not a wrong stitch in either shirt (until I had to repair them or have them repaired - they are nearly 10 years old, after all.) And her knits were of the finest cashmere. Since Prada acquired the label, quality has never been the same.
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These pants are Homeland and Airport Security approved!
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Where can Helmut Lang suits be purchased?
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WHile waiting for the relaunch, Yoox probably, and ebay. I have a couple unworn ones to sell although I'll be away from them for a while.
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