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Gucci Brand New Medallion Laceups

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Offering two Gucci laceup balmorals in Bourbon (according to Gucci).

Left pair is 9.5 D and the right pair is 9 D.

They are from the Fall 2005 lineup and have a medallion and a wholecut style (not really wholecut due to back heel area having separate leather).

Includes original shoebox and Guccissima bag.

Anyone interested just PM me and present best offer. I'll collect the offers and email the best one.

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What are the measurements. Can you also tell me about the shoes. I like the look but have no idea about quality. What kind if welting? Any handwork? Whats the leather like etc. I've heard them mostly made fun of on the board but i actually like these shoes.
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About 12 1/8 inches length and 4 inches width at widest for the 9.5
slightly smaller for the 9 , didnt measure.

Gucci leather is usually a premium leather , they dont use alot of corrected grain like Prada or Hugo Boss contrary to belief here.
Their soles are usually blake , but they do have channeled soles and nailed in toes and heels. Quality wise, I do believe they are the best in the luxury market, I am not comparing to Hermes, or Brioni, when these luxury shoe items are actually made by bona fide shoe manufacturers.

also contrary to belief, sergio rossi does not make gucci shoes. Gucci themselves make them, dont know what conglomeration of houses that actually comprise the manufacturers, but Sergio Rossi makes his own line.

I am one of the few proponents of Gucci shoes, I have several pairs and wear them with comfort, style, and reliability, havent yet had an ache or any short-lived wear causing damage like I have experienced with Hugo Boss, Ferragamo,and especially Prada.

These shoes are really nice, I have a black pair and I enjoy it, but dont take my word for it, see if FMINUS , Dr. Damage or someone else who has Gucci shoes will say something.
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I really like this pair of Guccis. They are extremly soft and needs no break in. IF this style is for you, its def a good buy. The only slight complain with Gucci is that I am not too fond of thier leather, it seems a bit too thin. But overall I am VERY happy with this shoe.
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