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Originally Posted by IIIrd Icon View Post
i dropped by RMW and Alden [Manhattan] yesterday to try out some black boots. obviously, i fell with the black 405s ... the Craftsman would have to wait til next year

Wow. I am normally allergic to black footwear, but these are beautiful!!!
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Originally Posted by mg428 View Post
Nice kudu indy. Isn't there anyone who can post some vintage indy photos?

From Beatle on SuFu:

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zippyh, thank you for sharing. Magnificent!!!
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Originally Posted by zippyh View Post
The obvious answer is to collect the entire set.
...sweet pictures...

Official Man of the Day!
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Does anybody have experience with both the Vintage Oiled Nubuck Leather on the Vintage Indy Boots: And the Oiled Tobacco Reverse Chamois seen here: I thing the Reverse Chamois would make a damn fine Indy. Thanks in advance,
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I can't decide if I should get the Color 8's or the black w/ white stitches. Can anyone recommended the chrom/j crew styles vs the 405 classics? Also does anyone wear these without socks. Someone was talking about wearing two pairs while sporting their Indys.
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I am trying to decide between the indy 403 and 405. horween seems to have a lot of info on the chromexcel leather in the 403 and it seems pretty cool, but haven't been able to find much on the leather used on the 405. Is it of the same quality, i.e. is it worth paying the same amount for the 405s as the 403s?
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The 405 leather isn't as good as the 403 IMO. The Chromexcel looks better too. It's also leather-lined, whereas the 405's may or may not be.
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I've had these standard 405s with canvas lining for about seven years now - been around the world in these poor fellas.

I was wondering what you guys recommend for the most "comfortable"/supple leather in these boots? I recently purchased a pair of Vintage Indy boots with the full leather lining and am so in love, but the whole situation is in a holding pattern as I wait to hear back from Alden, as there was a defect/blowout in the stitching... if it's repaired/guaranteed to be stable, I'm gold, otherwise I'm back to just the pair I have now. Either way it's good to know what you guys have experienced. I might even go black next time - I LOVE those "Black & Tan" Indy boots, but they seem sold out now. Sigh.
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I was wondering what you guys recommend for the most "comfortable"/supple leather in these boots?.

I have found that my brown Horween Chromexcel Indys have broken in to a butter soft boot with amazing character. The soft leather lining was amazing from day one...i actually said "ohhhh yahhh..." when i put my foot in for the first time. Truey the most comfortable boot/shoe i have ever owned.

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[quote=chas;3065382]I thing the Reverse Chamois would make a damn fine Indy.[quote]

I am hopeful they will. Ordered a pair in reverse chamois from J. Gilbert. Will post some pics and let you know!
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Hey I'm rather new here, so I have a noob question. Are these all sold from the Alden store/website? It seems as though some of these are like some sort of recreations, or modifications or something. Sorry if it's silly but I just don't understand. I don't see any of those on the website.


The reason I'm asking is I had some boots from Allen Edmonds but the first pair had a defect, the second pair ripped on the side, and I told them I didn't want them anymore, and I got a regular shoe. Except now even this new shoe the rubber on the front tip is peeling away, and I'm just tired of bothering with Allen Edmonds. I really want a nice boot, with great leather on the inside and outside, that I can wear in foul weather, but I was not impressed with all the trouble from AE.


Although preferably I would prefer a boot longer than 6" hiking. I don't like those lug laces, if you don't lace em up tight, they slip off, and if you lace them tight, it pinches the hell out of my ankles. Just seems like 6" is a really ackward height for a boot.

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Originally Posted by Rosenberg View Post

im gonna burn $600 on the cordovan indys first chance i get

Try $7 and change.
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My new 403's. Stoked to finally have a new pair!
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