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Pelikan's black is my favorite. I used to work in an upscale artstore that had a fine pen department and out of the Waterman, Pelikan, Cross, Parker and Mont Blanc inks we sold, the Pelikan was far the "blackest" ink. I use it in a titanium ribbed body Lamy fountain pen.
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I use Pelikan Black, Mont Blanc Blue, and Private Reserve. I haven't bought any new ink for years though.
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I use Mont Blanc. I currently have a burgindy color ink by them thats nice, but the best part was when I'd get a little of the old blue black ink leftover mixing with it.
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I use Montblanc blue-black, but I've never tried any other bottled ink. I like the distinctiveness of the color and the bottle looks pretty good on my desk, too. I use a fountain pen for everything I do in writing, which admittedly isn't that much. My pens are German (four different ones, all by Elysee) and American (Parker 75). I'd be willing to try someone else's blue-black, though I'm not willing to mail-order ink.
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