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Cheap International Tailors

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I'm looking to buy a reasonably well fitting tuxedo for my unis summer ball this year, due to my size (5'4, 100lb) I don't have a great amount of choice in the high street so in the past I have used Raja Fashions

I had a friend enquire about the pricing for a cheap tuxedo when he saw Raja a few days ago who was given a quote of £400. My problem is I will probably only wear it a couple of times before the fit is unsuitable making it pretty expensive. Personally I think Rajas service is great and I haven't experienced any of the pushy service others have mentioned but I don't really want to pay $900 for a tuxedo and dress shirt.

Has anyone had much experience with the online Tai bespoke tailors?

Tom's Fashion had an advert in BA's High Life magazine which was very reasonable, something like a suit, two trousers and three shirts for ~$350. It seems very cheap to me which makes me question the quality of the fabric as well as how well made the suit will be.

Also any comments on other Tai/HK tailors would be great, some of the sites look pretty dodgy and are not too specific on fabrics used, and others also seem to show a suspicious number of different models. Again I am looking for something I will likely use a couple of times so I'm not looking for an excellent fit and to a certain degree the fabric being sub par would not be a huge problem.

If no one has tried the services and I decide to take the plunge I will make a follow up post to give people an idea of what you get from the Tai online tailors. I may end up giving Raja a call as he will usually drop his prices pretty easily if you haggle a bit.
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If you're happy with the work Raja has done for you, I'd go with them again before trying another tailor. They should be able to improve on that price, considerably. Also, if you think you may need some other clothes, like shirts or another suit, you could use that to talk them down on the price of the DJ. I may get some flack for this, but you might want to ask them to make you a fused DJ. If you're only going to wear it a few times before it no longer fits, the longevity issue will be nearly irrelevant. I have a tropical wool suit that I bought from them, that is fused. This was before I knew better, but I think I paid 200 GBP for a two piece. The fit is pretty good--the suit gets me compliments, and it's in it's third year looking fine. Would I do it again? No. Did it work out okay? Yes.
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The only Thai tailor I have used was Ravi's - had an odd vest made. Was not done in person, it was using their order form. Turned out pretty good; no pictures yet but I will be wearing it most lilkely later on this week, will try to remember to get some pictures. Of course this is not as demanding as a full suit so I don't know. There are a number of threads dealing with Chan, Ravi, Raja et.c. Try searching for their names
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Ravi is pretty good. He will make exactly what you ask for, so make sure you're asking for the right thing. In my experience, the cloth that they've cut has been right down to the half-inch in accuracy. I have had him make some of my pants, and am happy with the result.

The one suit that I tried was okay; not too bad, not too good. The jacket is so-so, the pants were fine. I use the jacket as my emergency sport coat in the office.
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If you are willing to travel, the tailor at the Sheraton Royal Orchid in Bangkok is pretty good. Sorry, I don't have the card, but I had him do some repairs and alterations for me, and the service was polite, quick, and sound. I did check out the stock of his store that was on display, and appeared of excellent craftsmanship. This included tuxedos. His shop is on the mezzanine level of the hotel.

You can e-mail the hotel for contact data.

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