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FS: Eternal 811 size 30

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Sold Eternal 811, size 30. They are one wash from the factory, and have been worn for about three weeks time by me. They fade beautifully, or so the word on the street is. Japanese denim that feels unreal. Pretty hairy, bleeds indigo freely, and is a little wrinkled. Selvage of course. Measurements: Waist: 15" Thigh: 10" Knee: 8 1/4" Hem: 7 3/4" Inseam: 32 7/8" $175 shipped.
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Any idea if these stretch alot? The measurements right now are perfect for me.
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They were tighter when new, and stretched out a bit to the size they are now. They haven't moved from it in a while. I don't doubt that they do have some stretch left in them, but it will take a larger man than I to bring it out.
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I wish I were your size. I'd have come up on like 3 pairs of jeans in the last 2 weeks :P
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Each pair of jeans comes with Ahaz's 10 Days to Anorexia weightloss guide.

Supplies limited, act now!
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Okay I'm buying just need a confirmation from the eternal 811 owners:

1)Is the price good? what's the regular pricing?

2)I normaly wear 29-30, is the 30 too baggy for me and should I size down?
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Do you have any APCs? If so, what size? Just trying to gauge whether or not these are right for me cause I'm pretty damn skinny as well.
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I got a PM about 2 minutes before your post asking for my paypal address. I'll see if I can help with your questions anyways.

When new, they were about 14.75 across. I guess it depends on how you wear your pants. If you wanted them really tight, you could probably go with a 29 and wait it out until they stretched to fit you. They usually retail for ~$225, what with shipping from Japan and bid service fees.
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I'm a 27 in New Standards. The waist fit about the same, but the Eternals are much roomier in the hips/ass/crotch, just because of the way they're cut. If this guy PMing me actually buys them or decides not to, I'll post about it here.
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I'll take them off your hands if the transaction doesn't go through....thanks for answering...
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I PM'd him and told him to let me know, since I have you guys waiting basically.

I'll let ya'll know.
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Sold guys. PS, buy my other damn pants!
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Damn! Slept on these. Oh, well, a penny saved...
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Yeah your girlfriend and I were just discussing over dinner how we were glad you missed these, save some cash.

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I'm glad! My wife has been nagging me to dump my GF for some time... Enjoy!
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