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Need a suit for upscale clubbing,restaurants,bars

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I'm going to Hong Kong for 2weeks to a month this summer. While there I'll be going to a lot of upscale bars, night clubs, restaurants etc. I have lots of top-end clothes but it's mostly casual stuff as I'm still a student and the friends i have at school dont go to overly dressy places. What I need are suggestions for something that is versatile and appropriate in more than one setting. Now I can only get one or two suits depending on how much i pay for the first one and how much money i make between now and when i leave. I'm willing to pay anywhere from say 600-1500us per actual suit (not including shoes, shirt, or whatever else i may need) and would prefer to go for a custom for that well tailored look. Once I have the actual suit picked out, i can worry about ways to vary the look a bit. I also don't want anything too trendy. If it's something that will look just wrong in a year or two, please don't even suggest it I like what tobey macguire is wearing on the cover of the march issue and i LOVE what i can see of the suit in the YSL Rive Gauch ad on page 38. I'm guessing that ysl suit is probably out of my price range and i'm not sure if it would be appropriate anywhere but at fancy parties and clubs. Where is it appropriate to wear a suit like that? It's very elegant, kind of shiny black with very nice details, but I can't tell much else about it unfortunately. Anyway I'm looking for ideas as I'm new to dressing for places this. Unfortunately I don't have an infinite clothes budget, so it would be really nice if i got some suggestions that could work for more than one occasion (ideally dinner dates,posh clubs and bars). Thansk
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For your clubby suit, obviously get something dark (I prefer black) without shoulder pads. Depending on your body shape, head size, etc. etc., you might want to look into the rounded shoulder look as it is more trendy. Also, get a tapered, fitted suit, not a full cut. Donna Karen makes a cool suit with the laser fused lapels and seems. Also, I saw a Boss suit the other day that was black with black stripes in it (giving it a textured look). For your club suit, you want something that is not your normal, muted "work" fabric. But, be careful not to go too much in the other direction and grab too shiny of a suit (then you'll look like the SNL club hoppers). I would look at the black suits by Boss, Donna Karen (NOT DKNY), Calvin Klein (NOT CK), Joseph Abboud, Benneton or Club Monaco (both actually have nice trendier cut suits).
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We are looking for exactly the same thing.  I went with a black 3 button Hugo Boss w/ flat front pants which I talked about in another of my posts. (in the low end of your price range at $800).  I'm typically not going to be wearing a tie with it, but wanted something that would look good regardless of the situation. Now, my question is on the fit.  In the past I've bought blazers that were 44R.  But, with the suit, I felt the pants were a little too big.  The taylor had me try on a 42R to see how that felt.  The pants seemed to fit better (although I was trying on the pleated pants since the flat front suit had to be ordered).  The jacket fit but was a little more snug in the chest area.  Not what I would consider "restrictive" though, just a little snug.  So what should I be looking for in the fit?  I went ahead with the 42R because I don't like it when the jackets and pants look too big.  I can still get the 44R if I don't like the 42R when it comes in.  Any advise? And... then onto shoes.. I like "bulkier" shoes.  Right now I prefer a more square toed shoe.  I really don't like pointy toed shoes or loafers.  I like a shoe like this: Is that a good choice in style?  Who else would make (better) shoes in this style? Thanks, Jeff
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ALWAYS go with the size where the jacket fits... The pants can always be taken it. I wear a size 46 jacket (which typically comes with size 40 pants), but wear a 33 pants. Thus, I have to get the pants totally recut so that they fit correctly. You should get a jacket that is not snug on your chest, your arms, or your shoulder. Then, have your tailor take in the sides so that jacket looks tapered and adjust the length (if needed). Thus, you have a nice tailored jacket that fits. As far as the pants, get him to take in the waist (obviously), adjust the crotch area if needed (most flat fronts have a high cut crothch giving a wedgy-like appearance), and obvioulsy take up the length.
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So here's the problem... how snug is too snug?  I've never really bought a suit like this before so I don't know what I need.  The taylor at Bloomingdales (Palo Alto) recommended the 42R.  He recommeneded getting the suit that needed less/no adjustments. When I said it was snug, I didn't feel it was too bad.  I also had two shirts on when I would only wear a dress shirt w/o an undershirt when wearing the suit.  I guess I'll have to wait until it gets in. Another fear of mine wrt the pants and taking them in is I don't like it when the legs are too wide... I fear it'll look "sinched." Sorry GQGeek... I kinda turned this into my thread a bit. I guess I should have started a new one. Thanks, Jeff
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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but bulky square-toed shoes are considered out. The latest in men's shoes is a more streamlined, slender look (reminiscent of the Italian shoe). \t\t\t That being said, you need to wear what you like and what makes you feel comfortable. In other words, the fashion rules are made to be both bent and broken. Enjoy your shoes.
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I bought my suit I went to a few stores and saw some nice suits appropriate for clubbing (kinda shinny black) that were 50% off. One was a gianfranco ferre which was really nice and had a basically good fit and the other was a gucci with a sort of matt, ribbed texture to it (really hard to describe, I've never seen a suit like it before). I could have bought one of those but I had left my favorite store for last and needed to check there first. These guys give me awesome service (Harry Rosen) so i try and buy from this one sales rep whenever possible. After trying on a versace with vertical pinstripes about .5cm apart (which is REALLY nice), I tried on some off-the-rack armani. There were some slight issues with the fit in the back, so i said what the hell and went custom. This is my very first custom suit, so i cant wait till it arrives The cut i got was called "new comfort". It's a nicely tapered (not the least bit boxy) 3 button suit with flat front pants. I also got surgeons cuffs and a double vent added. I chose a black fabric that's apparently almost impossible to crease and it looks really nice. Now i have to wait 5 weeks for it to arrive Anyway thanks for the suggestions, i hope i dont sound like im bragging or anything, i'm just really happy about the suit.
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