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Work Wardrobe

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I'm looking for a little advice on my wardrobe for this summer. I'm working as a summer student/intern on the trading floor of one of North America's leading banks, and I want to ensure that I am dressed more than adequately for the job, especially on the first day. I worked in another area of the bank last summer, and got to see the floor, so I know that for the most part (at least in the summer) suits are not worn, and jackets are worn frequently, but end up on the backs of chairs anyways.

I've got a decent amount of work clothes already- selection of dress shirts, pants, a navy blazer and grey sportcoat. I've got a few new things in mind, and wanted to run them by some informed individuals such as yourselves.

A black blazer/odd jacket? I wouldn't wear a black suit to work, but I think that a black jacket would be useful and could be worn with all shades of grey pants as well as chinos. Would this be a good idea, or would it look like I had just taken a jacket from my suit and decided to wear it with different pants? Could I get gold blazer buttons on this jacket to make it clear that it's a blazer despite its being black?

Shoes- I've never really known what dress shoes are best. I'm thinking I'll get some classic black oxfords with detailing on them to wear with grey and black trousers, and a pair of brown or oxblood slip ons for beige and navy trousers. Can I wear brown or oxblood shoes with grey pants?

What are some good work wardrobe staples I should look for?

And lastly, could someone advise me on this proposed first day outfit? Black oxfords, medium grey trousers, black jacket/blazer, french blue shirt (maybe with french cuffs, but I don't want to overdue it -I am just an intern), and a solid purple tie.

Thank you very much for any help. I hope that I am able to contribute to these forums rather than simply beg for advice -perhaps a discussion on madras pants is going on.
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I was hoping that someone would condescend to giving me a little advice on a simple matter.

To refrain:
What shoes are best for my described working environment? Wingtip Oxfords?

What colour of shoe, aside from black, works with most shades of grey pants? Oxblood?

A black jacket/blazer- is it a good idea? Should I stay away from dark pants when wearing said jacket?

And finally: grey trousers, french blue shirt, black jacket, purple tie -a good proffesional outfit for a first day, or not?

Do enlighten me.

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Your outfit is not going to offend anyone, although the blazer/tie might be a bit much depending on the trading floor environment. Banks are more conservative than brokers, so if you do go the blazer/tie route, I would not do a black blazer, I would stick to navy. Trousers and shoes sound find, pretty much and black or brown oxford will do the job. Purple tie sounds iffy, really depends on the pattern and the shade of purple. You don't want to stand out too much on your first day, but you do want to mkae a positive impression with not only your work but your professional attire. As time goes on, you'll have a better of idea of what type of outfits are appropiate for your job there. Keep in mind that you will be stuck on the desk for the entire day, most likely, so dress comfortable.
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If you've got a navy blazer, I think you could probably find a better use for the money. I could be biased, though, because I don't like black blazers at all.
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I think your proposed wardrobe sounds great, but I agree with the previous poster who suggested a blue rather than black blazer. Much more versatile as you can wear a blue blazer with both tan and gray slacks, while the black only works with the gray.

I don't see a problem with a purple tie on the first day and yes, you can wear brown or oxblood shoes with gray slacks.

Just remember, you want to look good - but it's your attitude and abilities that will really set you apart.
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I resisted earlier from talking about the black blazer, but you really need to get a blue one. The black was fine til now, but if you were my nephew or neighbor, I would tell you that if you want to be taken seriously, you need a blue one.

I also understand that the cost of a acquiring a blue one may have put you off. If so either start a new post like "Help Me Find A Blue Blazer" or PM me and I am sure that there will be a bunch of folks who will scour ebay and sales for you.

Otherwise I think your outfit for the first day sounds good and good luck!
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Which bank are you working at? if you dont mind me asking.
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wardrobe looks good. patience may need a little work.
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Originally Posted by maxnharry
I resisted earlier from talking about the black blazer, but you really need to get a blue one.

I have got a navy blue blazer -I mention it in my first post. Thank you very much for your offer none the less though, it is very kind and may prove useful as I plan on upgrading to a better one.

From what people have said though, it seems that a black blazer is not a good idea; does this also preclude a black jacket? I don't worry about spending a few hundred on a decent rtw jacket if it will get good use (once or twice a week). I feel that I need a third jacket that's suitable for work use.

I think I will also take the advice to heart that edmorel gave, which is that the tie and jacket may be too much, and I'll ditch the tie.

To address 'seen', I will be with RBC Capital Markets.

Thank you all very much for your comments thus far

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