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Dealing with stiff jackets?

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I'm somewhat new to purchasing sport jackets on eBay, and I don't know if the jackets are just old or used, but they usually end up stiff as cardboard out of the box. I've only dealt with recommended sellers on this forum, so I'm sure they're not fake. What's the fastest way to 'soften' them up? I've tried hanging them with the shower running but after five minutes nothing much happened.

Thanks in advance.
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Is this mainly in the shoulder padding?
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No, the cloth seems thicker, stiffer, heavier than it should feel. I just might be hallucinating though. Does it wear off over time?
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Odd. I wonder also the sort of material these jackets are composed of.
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Are they full canvased? I've noticed some non canvased garmets are pretty stiff (IE Hugo Boss) as compared to full canvased garmets. Also bad dry cleaning. I learned the hard way and had one of my BB 1818 suits dry cleaned by the local cleaner came back rough and stiff. needless to say i've learned my lesson and have found a good dry cleaner. Many men don't know this so they go to whoever's close or cheap.
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I don't think you are hallucinating.
Who made these jackets? It is possible that that's the way they initially were. (Unless they were made by a company like Kiton or Brioni in which case you know that something must be wrong). I also had a couple of canvassed suits which felt like that, since the padding and canvas were stiff (which some might consider as durable...).
Another fused jacket, came back from dry cleaning feeling like that as well. Probably the mixing of chemicals (used in the process) with the ironing heat produced this unpleasant surprise.
I don't know if you can correct that, but why not wear them a few times and see if there is a change.
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