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Actually, I know that Jay appreciates constructive criticism. We were talking about this last night, and an honest and thoughtful criticism is more welcome than silence if you do not like the concept/design/colors/etc...


Interesting. I guess it's true that no artist lives in a vacuum, but at the same time it seems important to trust and respect what an artist (or Jay, in this case) is doing. Yes, there is constructive criticism, but there is also letting an artist do what he does. He's lucky in that he gets real feedback (i.e. sales figures) on what he's doing, and I'm sure Jay is aware of what is selling really well and what may not be selling as well.

Jay, I will say that the chocolate rain and 04101 shirts I have are remarkable, as is the warpaint hoody. I also prefer your designs that don't have words in them, and that the sunrise and star designs would probably look great on tees for women. Hint, hint, I too think my wife would love to wear your designs.