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Glasses as fashion accessories

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I've noticed that several eyeglass-wearing members of the Forum own multiple pairs of glasses.  I suppose that makes sense because glasses have a larger effect on your appearance than anything else you wear (plus you always need a spare in case you lose or break your main pair).  I was wondering how you all choose your second (or third) pair.  Do you have one pair for casual wear and one for dress wear?  Glasses with different color frames to coordinate with different outfits?  Is the second pair completely different in order to give you a different look?
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I have three pairs of glasses in rotation, a a few more pairs that have been taken out of rotation for various reasons, but which I keep on hand as spares. My main pair right now is a black frame, sort of like the slightly elongated and flatter YSL style frames that Joe G. has previously described, but made of what is called "monoblock" titatium (i.e. there are no welds on the front). The arms are likewise titanium. I have a second, midnight-blue pair which has with blue plastic/metal arms. They look nearly black, but which, held up against true black, is revealed to be a deeper, warmer color. The frame itself is a little thinner than the other frame, with a less pronounced upward arch, and an overall slightly less aggressive/modern shape. I use this pair for nice dinners, interviews, etc... Actually, for a while, these were my primary frames, and people love them (I've received more compliments on them than on any other frame I've ever owned) so I thought that I should preserve them for special occasions. My third pair is the same as my main pair, but in an olive and grey color, with blue-tinted frames - my concession to L.A. hipster-dom, and a handy pair of sunglasses.
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I have four pair, basically chosen because something about them caught my eye. Nothing more planned than that. There isn't really a "conservative" pair in the bunch: two are predominantly natural metal finish (one aluminium, one titanium), one is bottle green-anodised titanium with a flexible translucent plastic sheath (imagine a new iMac screen, but flexible, and you've got the general idea), and the third is black metal, but shaped like twin rounded and elongated octagons, with clear plastic inserts that resolve down to oval-shaped lenses. I guess the aluminium ones are my "primaries", and I rarely wear the black ones anymore. (They were my "primaries" for a couple years, though.) I would probably own four more pair if lenses weren't so expensive. (I have seriously weak eyes.) I did have a conservative pair at one point (similar in construction to the green ones, but rimless), but I gave them away. I can't really help you out by having a system as to when I wear what. I basically pick a pair in the morning, and tend to keep it on all night. Peace, JG
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I literally have only two prescription pairs, but since I wear my contacts a lot, I also have a lot of non-presciption glasses to achieve different looks and match to different clothes and different moods. Some are rimless, some are Hollywood, some are tinted, some are clear, some have silver frames, you get the idea. I like them a lot but I will not by anymore prescriptiong glasses as my taste for glasses change too much.
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I have 2 pairs of prescription glasses mainly so that I wouldn't have to keep bringing my glasses home from work. I wear contacts, but take them off often if I'm working late. When I bought my second pair of glasses, I chose a copper colored titanium pair, since my 1st pair were rimless. I thought each of my pairs would complement each other nicely. As an aside, my two pairs are made by Lunor (rimless) and Robert Marc (titanium.)
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**edit** oops, i thought this was about sunglasses.**edit**
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**edit** oops, i thought this was about sunglasses.**edit**
That's OK, we want to hear it anyway. Speaking of sunglasses, all of my glasses can and do play that role. I HATE having to change glasses to go outside or deal with a finicky ciip-on element, so all of my glasses are fitted with photochromic lenses. (Transitions is the most popular brand, I think.) They don't get quite as dark as the best sunglasses, but they do a perfectly good job of keeping me comfortable in bright light. (Also, one doesn't forget them in winter, as many are apt to do with sunglasses.) Peace, JG
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I don't wear glasses for perscription, so I can't comment on that, but I do have two pairs of sunglasses that I coordinate with different outfits. I use to have a pair of aviators, but I left them at the airport in Mexico   .   First, I have a pair of tortois shell, Kenneth Cole, sort of square framed. I'll wear these if my outfit is predominatly brown (brown shoes, navy coat, ect...). My other pair are black, Emporio Armani, wraparounds; very thin. I'll wear these with black shoes, and darker colors.
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