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Leather jacket

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Any suggestions as regards a good leather jacket? Black or brown? Names to look for. Thanks for any information you might be able to share.
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There are so many possibilities, it's hard to recommend anything before you narrow it down. Do you want a biker jacket? A car coat? A trench coat? What do you want to wear it with? What sort of weather would you wear it in? What's your budget? And so on.
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Biker/bomber jacket. Winter. $400. Does this help?
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Try here: Schott Leather Jackets The website isn't very impressive, but Schott makes good biker and bomber jackets: the classic stuff, as opposed to designer variations, which means these will still be cool when the designer ones become dated. Let us know how that compares with what you had in mind.
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P, I've never heard of these folks before... are they reputable for quality? I ask b/c this is a terrific looking and priced basic pea coat...
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I'm more familiar with their leather jackets"”the Schott "Perfecto" is the motorcycle jacket Brando wore in "The Wild Ones," making it the classic motorcycle jacket"”but I've heard nothing but good things about Schott Brothers. American made, and all that. A Schott peacoat is probably close to an authentic naval issue peacoat in cut and quality. Not the drape and cut of a designer model with finer wool, but a whole lot less expensive, and I'll bet at least as warm. (Probably better than a Gap/BR one, too.) (I was given a Perfecto by a friend, and wore it a while, but it was a size too large so I eventually sold it. Great jacket.)
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I really like the Dolce and Gabbana leather jackets w/ zip off sleeves. I can't find them anywhere anymore though. I wish I had snatched it up when I first saw it.
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if you're looking into a bomber jacket, recommend spending the time and effort to find one in horsehide, from genuine 1931 specs. i got mine from willis and geiger, before they went out of even came with a card explaining how to spot 'fake' bomber jackets. there are still a few places around to find these great jackets.....and my 6 year old nephew will can wear it when he turns 21.
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If you're looking into a bomber jacket, I recommend spending the time and effort to find one in horsehide, from genuine 1931 specs.
You should be able to find one to fit the bill here: Vanson Horsehide Jackets
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aha, forgot an important detail that the website PS posted noted.....if you're able, get a jacket with a one-piece back (no seam across mid or upper back). like the vanson jackets, i see they even have antiqued-looking horsehide jackets (instead of the seal brown one i have), made to specs. nice stuff.
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