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Great forum here

I am a travelling tailor here in southern Ontario Canada

My intent is only to enlighten the readers and participants on this thread

Scabal fabrics are best of breed , chosen by Europe's bespoke tailors

In Canada the wholesale price on Scabal fabric starts at $100.00per yard

Generally the yield needed to create a garment is 3 5/8 yd Checks call for 1/2. Yd more, as do tall models
Oversize can call fo up to the moon,

If you are purchasing a suit from a hong kongtailor chances are you are not buying bespoke
You are buying custom stock to which is a stock suit made to order from a computer driven application
Of allowing plus and minus on the sleeve length, waist of coat and the jacket length

This is a great way to buy a suit if you like and realize bespoke fabrics out of the book are the best cloths
In my field I practice both bespoke and custom stock using my Holland&Sheery,Scabal and Dormeuil fabrics
If a gent is a stock fit And wishes to employ my services for Scabal or the others I simply ask him to send me a cloth number off the websites that the cloth houses provide
I ask the gent if he wears ready made, if so I simply scan him a simple how to measement form and we are done

Of course price is given well in advance

Never buy a suit that the Hong Kong tailor calls made to measure in it does not include a basted try on while the suit is in a shell. State
I doubt that is done,