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Dear Sirs,

I have tried the RJ when I purchased one at the Armoury. Excellent fit and very good quality overall. I would say 4 stars based on what has been said above.
Price was 1100€. Picture can be found here

Regarding Liverano RTW, I was more than impressed by the cut and fit. It's produced by Isaia so no bad surprise on this side but honestly I had never tried on a RTW jacket before that felt so perfect right from the start. It comes at a certain price: 1600€.
I don't regret the purchase at all. Even my bespoke tailor (Andrea Luparelli) told me it was an amazing jacket with perfect proportions. Well that's more than I could hope for, at least for a RTW.
AFAIAC, 5 stars here.
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Great, thanks.

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Slightly off topic but has anyone had any experience whatsoever with Sciamat? 

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what about Trussini guys? Where does it land on the list and can anyone speak to the quality and fit?

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Does anyone here have any experience with Sandro suits? The attention to detail is definitely there, but are they full/ half canvassed or fused?


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Originally Posted by dirnelli View Post


I own about 200 suits & jackets -- I seem to have made it my life's goal to buy at least one suit or jacket from every brand worth trying, at every price point, ranging from cheap fused OTR to the most expensive bespoke suits.

I can't be bothered to rank with stars all the brands I've tested, so I'll just invite thread followers to glance at the in-depth reviews I've written up here -- the only comprehensive one-post review of its kind by a single owner I've seen so far:

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Right? That's a pretty sweet poast.
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I was referring to the general list this thread has compiled, not the smaller list dirnelli made. Thanks for the condescending reply though, always enjoy the self righteous elitism of some on here.
Originally Posted by TM79 View Post

None of those belong next to anything he reviewed - i.e. they're all just different forms of trash to pick through.

You can also find many posts on a lot of those names, but not so many posts on names he took the time to review.

Thanks for taking the time to do that, dirnelli.
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Dirnelli - that is a fantastic post and an incredibly useful reference. And congrats on such a long, winding sartorial journey.


PS Is Dirnelli the Parisian Vox Sartoria?

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Originally Posted by aravenel View Post

Right? That's a pretty sweet poast.

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What tier would you put Coppley in?
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Originally Posted by staxringold View Post

What tier would you put Coppley in?


I would guess "Satisfactory," as it is half-canvassed.
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Originally Posted by kulata View Post

Excellent [*****]
- Oxxford (Highest Quality)
- Brioni
- Cesare Attolini Napoli
- Kiton
- Luciano Barbera Sartoriale
- Luigi Borrelli
- Sartoria Castangia
- St Andrew
- La Vera Sartoria Napoletana
- Zegna Couture/Tom Ford

Very Good[****] (IE: Few suits match the quality of the ones in this category.)

- D'Avenza
- Isaia
- Sartoria Partenopea
- Oxxford (1220)
- Belvest mainline
- Borrelli Luxury Vintage
- Canali Milano
- Corneliani Linea Sartoria
- Pal Zileri Sartoriale (I think there is another line higher than Sartoriale: The custom made one--IIRC "Abito Privato"--has excellent quality)
- Ravazzolo
- Sartoria Attolini Napoli
- Raffaelle Caruso: Sartoria Parma
- Sartorio
- Stile Latino

Good[***] (IE: Quality is superior to most suits.)

- Brooks Brothers Black Fleece
- Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece
- Brunello Cucinelli (very nice fabrics)
- Canali mainline
- Canali Exclusive (higher end fabrics)
- Cantarelli mainline
- Corneliani
- Dunhill
- Ermenegildo Zegna
- Faconnable Tailleur
- Hickey Freeman Mainline
- Kei by Canali (full canvas, but very soft)
- Pal Zileri mainline
- Paul Smith Mainline (fully canvassed)
- Paul Stuart
- Raffaelle Caruso mainline
- Samuelsohn
- J. Press Pressidential (full canvas)

Satisfactory [**] (IE: The "average" brands. Quality is acceptable.)

- Belvest Silver Label (half canvassed line)
- Brooks Brothers 1818 (half canvassed)
- Cantarelli Tailor
- Charles Tyrwhitt
- CC Cornelaini (half canvassed)
- Etro (if you can find the half canvas ones; some fused)
- Boglioli (if you can find the half canvas ones; some fused)
- Giorgio Armani (Black Label)[/U] (alot of their pieces are fused)
- H. Freemann
- Hackett (half canvassed)
- Hugo Boss Selection[/U] half canvassed and some premium fabrics
- Hickey Freeman LTD (half canvassed)
- J Crew Ludlow (half canvassed)
-J. Press Presstige (half canvassed)
- Lardini (half canvassed)
- Marks and Spencer (any of their "Pure Wool" collection)
- Paul Smith London (half canvassed)
- Polo Ralph Lauren (half canvassed, excellent fabric)
- Suit Supply (half canvassed)
- Valentino (half canvassed)
- L.B.M. 1911
- Piombo

Mediocre to Poor[*] (Suits that are mediocre to poor.)

- J. Press mainline (fused; decent fabrics)
- Hugo Boss (fused)
- hickey (now fused and made in China)
- Joseph Abboud
- Zara
- H&M
- Calvin Klein Collection (now fused)
- Z Zegna
- Tonello

Suit supply should have a spot in "good" as well for their full canvas La Spalla line. Even on the half canvas line the fabric is good. When I compared heir full canvas to my Sammy jackets there is not a huge difference yet there is a large savings

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Don't know about Suit Supply. How's the construction on the sleeve head?
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Originally Posted by msulinski View Post

I would guess "Satisfactory," as it is half-canvassed.

Yeah, I did a little research, seems about right. Half-canvassed, made some of the BB 1818 stuff (which is also Satisfactory). So I'll add it in.
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