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Originally Posted by coloRLOw View Post

i'm sorry to hear that:(  anyone can confirm?


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Originally Posted by smittycl View Post


Unfortunate. RIP Di Biasio.
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I'm hoping to pickup a nice suit around Black Friday if possible. Budget is about $1000. Moving up from a Brooks Brothers 1818.

Went to the Zegna outlet today and I think their couture suits will be around $1k on Black Friday, but they only have a few in the store.

Does anyone else have any suggestions on where to get a good deal on suits either on Black Friday or after Christmas? Located in the SF Bay Area. Thanks!
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Hey guys!


Thought I'd try and quantify all the great info in this thread by creating a spreadsheet haha. Sorry if this has already been done, but I haven't seen one floating around.


Let me know if there are any categories up the top that I'm missing in regards to quality.


Tried to incorporate price from a US Perspective, but if enough Europeans, SE Asians and fellow Aussies pitch in I'll make a separate spreadsheet by region to try and give us an objective(ish) view of value. But first I need to fill in all the other sections like canvas, cloth type, handwork etc....


As a busy man I'd really appreciate if people could pitch in and help me fill these sections out, otherwise it's probs gonna take me a few weekends. If you guys could post in this thread or comment on the sheet itself I'd really appreciate it! Goal is to include every brand even the shite ones, so that those new to suiting can see why that cheap $150 suit is not worth their time in clearer detail.


Thanks a lot in advance to anyone kind enough to help! (yes this is also my first post!!)

(P.S. if people really pitch in I'll also do one for dress shoes, ties and shirts)

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Updated spreadsheet to include the canvas type of all listed sits. Also added a little info on pricing, cut, hand-work, details etc.

Will keep the updates coming here and there, over the weekends or as people help out.


Secondly added in the brands

·         Loro Piana

·         Benjamin sartorial and

·         Mj bale


Lastly if any mods or high rep members want access to edit the spreadsheet just pm me or post in this thread and we’ll set it up.


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Fascinating! Thanks and well done!

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Hi all, I love this thread and have referred back to it dozens of times, as a lurker over the years.


Occy, thank you for creating the spreadsheet! Might we consider adding the following brands:


Andrea Campagna



Sartoria Castangia Platinum


Spencer Hart

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i have one Chiaia wool pants ( actually two,just different colors). no experience of their suits and scs.


tons of handwork


and IIRC,the tag is same with Borrelli.

quality at least equal to the best borrelli,not the ordinary one this days.​

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Thanks for that Nelly and coloRLOw!
I'll add them to the brands that need to be added list, except for huntsman which I'll add to the main list.
When people provide some information I'll be able to add the others to the main list
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