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Oily skin, anyway to solve this?

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In the winter i had combination skin, very dry while still being a bit oily

now, it is not so much dry anymore but extremely oily, like a damn mirror on my forehead

are there any moisturizers which help to prevent the sheen, control it? prevent your skin from producing so much damn oil?
Im not looking to fry fish
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You can use a good facial cleanser, a toner and then some oil-free moisturizer. A toning mask once in a while will also help. Check out www.menessentials.com.
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I do all of those, and i have been doing all of those for a while

my acne has just finnaly subsided almost completely and now i am left with really oily skin

In the morning i wash my face with dove, use the proactiv toner, spot checks with the proactive cream and finish up with neutrogina oil free moisturizer

thank you for the reply though
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if your skin is that oily, you likely don't need a moisuturizer at all as even oil-free or shine free moisturizers won't cut down on production

having said that, baxter of california makes a good oil free moisturizer that is very lightweight, korres makes an spf6 anti-shine moisturizer that is also good but is scented ..... there are others out there as well

but for oily skin, you may benefit from an astringent or combination astringent/toner to help control the problem - you can wipe your face once or twice during the day to alleviate oil build-up

kiehl's herbal blue astringent is very good and has worked well for me for many years; also baxter of california makes a good toner which is actually an astringent/toner that isn't as strong as the kiehl's

you may also want to switch to a glycolic cleanser or a cleanser with deep cleansing properties

anthony logistics makes a good gylcolic cleanser and menscience makes an excellent gel-like soap free facial cleanser with a strong 3% glycolic content that strips oil off the face without drying it out

lastly, use a clay mask once a week, it will deep clean out your pores, help prevent blackheads which most oily skinned guys suffer from over time

just be forewarned, there really is no one solution to cutting down on the oily production, it's your genetic make-up and you can only do facial washing and toning and astringents as above to help contol it
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I have a question, does oily hair and skin help cause acne? Or is it mostly just diet and genetics? I also have combination skin during the winter and oily skin during the summer.
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Be careful with astringents. They can strip away the oil in your skin, which can trigger the production of even more oil. Blotting papers are good. Try to drink lots of water and see where you can reduce oils and fats in your diet. Good luck!
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acne is basically when excess sebum (oil) and bacteria get trapped in your pores (or your pores get blocked by excess sebum and bacteria, depending which way you look at it)

also, from what i understand, there is no co-relation between diet and causing acne

you may want to read this site, www.acne.org
it seems to have some good straightforward information
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Now that I am 48, I thank God I was born a Greaser. Less wrinkles at my age than most of the light skinned Anglo-Saxon community.

If you have a severe problem with acne, see a doctor and get on Accutane. It cleared up my son's problems with one cycle.

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Maybe you're using a too harsh soap to clean your face in or too hot water. If your skin dries out it will produce more oil.
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You should try this. Wash your face with a natural soap (savon de marseille), use green clay for masks (once a week). Have you heard of Welleda moisturizers ? They're very good.
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