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Paris to Barcelona help!

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Hello all,

I am planning a trip to europe. I have all my city-city flights booked relatively cheaply through easyjet and ryanair.

My problem is getting from Paris (my last stop) to Barcelona (my fly out).
So far, the cheapest flight I can find is off of www.vueling.com at 110 euro before tax.

Does anyone have any cheaper suggestions? I have to be in Barcelona for my flight at 6AM on May 22.

Thanks in advance.
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Overnight train. I don't know if there are any that will get you there at a convenient time for a 6 AM flight though.
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mm, If at all possible I'd like to avoid the sleeper trains. I've done it before, and to be honest, I'd rather chance it by sleeping in the airport.

Ideally, there would be some way of getting there in the evening and spending the evening there before flying out the next day.

Apparently the Thalys train seems to be my best bet, still waiting on some more suggestions...
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Do NOT take the train. Two summers ago I did Interrail from Paris to Barcelona. Just don't! I had to change trains in the middle of the night...
Shell out the money for the flight- it's worth it.
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watch the weight of your luggage, especially on easyjet, you can get easily burned with the overage cost that eats into savings on your ticket price
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Not to derail your thread, but have you considered remaining in Europe insteading of taking the return flight?
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