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My double-breasted jacket

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In light of the thread on double-breasted suits, I thought I'd post a picture of my double-breasted jacket. It's an old Chester Barrie jacket, bought off eBay for a song. I swapped the metal H&S buttons for mother of pearl. I am in my mid-twenties. And the shirt is un-ironed; I just threw it on for the picture.

So, lay it on me. What do you think?
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I personally love it chorse. A slim, well fitting 4x2 DB can be quite elegant. Does it have side vents?
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why do you want to hurt me so? nice jacket
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Single vent, unfortunately. And flap pockets--isn't showing up very well in the picture.

How am I hurting you, m@t?
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I really like the buttons; where did you get them? Very sharp.
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I like the jacket but I feel that the trousers are a bit too slim cut for a DB jacket. IMO a fuller cut trouser acts to mitigate the "skirt" effect of a DB jacket and adds needed balance.
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I like your floor and mouldings.

Also the trousers don't go very well with the jacket's color and shape.
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Chorse, you look like a pretty skinny guy. That jacket's giving you a lot of fullness around the hips. If that's what you want; great, you can pull it off. Wouldn't work for me.

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The waist could be taken in, and the jacket a little bit shortened. The fabric looks good.

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Yes, the coat could be shortened just a tad. Also, leave the bottom button undone. (And I'll echo the comments about the trousers.) Other than that, definitely a good score! If the shoulders were more padded or the lapels much wider, your physique wouldn't be flattered by the coat, but this one looks very good on you.
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Thanks, guys. The fullness in the hips is a result of me, not the jacket. I was just born with very wide hips. I think that bringing in the waist may accentuate that too much. Length balance on the jacket may also look better when I'm wearing shoes.

Trousers--I agree. I have a pair of cream herringbone linen that I plan to wear with this jacket in the summer. I was curious how it would look with a more casual cotton trouser. Other suggestions for trousers?

The buttons are from Tender Buttons in NYC. I think they were something like $25 for all 12.
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Would a jacket like this be styled any differently than one that would have the two extra decorative front buttons? Could someone add those buttons if they wanted to, or would it not work for some reason?
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No technical reason, as the two "show" buttons are merely cosmetic. If you have a patch breast pocket, it can be a little awkward fitting them in. But that doesn't appear to be the case here.
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