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- Bix Beiderbecke soloing on "Singing the Blues"

- The first time your 3 year old daughter hums "Singing the Blues" without her realizing you're listening

- Breaking the crust of a fish baked in sea salt.

- Being exactly in the right place to volley a ball into the goal.

- Riding on the roof of a bus over Rohtang Pass on the Manali-Leh highway.

- Reading Borges.

- Fournier playing the Bach Cello Suites.
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Doing nothing but having everything.
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Pepperidge Farm cookies. I have just rediscovered the wonderfulness that is the Double Chocolate Milano.
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children(your own)

freshly picked blackberries. +1 if they are in your yard or growing where you work.


herbs from your garden

denim fresh from the line

gulf coast beaches, and watching the sun set into the gulf of mexico on a beautiful warm december day

connecting with old friends

<---- this smiley(:carlfist
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Brilliant Corners and scotch.
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Originally Posted by jpeirpont View Post
Brilliant Corners and scotch.

Nice thread to resurrect jpeirpont.

Eleiko bumber plates.
Hamanako unagi
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Originally Posted by jpeirpont View Post
Brilliant Corners and scotch.

Whoa...I remember this thread. And good to see you, jpeirpont. Haven't seen your name in a while.

On twin girls have started smiling and laughing. Best things indeed.
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So many great things in life, posted most of these in other threads:

  • That beautiful slope of a woman's waist down to her hips
  • Driving in my jeep down a dirt road, radio blasting, nothing but empty sky and wilderness in front of me, my troubles all behind me
  • The way a woman will arch her back and reach back at ruffle the hair on the back of your head when you kiss her from behind
  • The beautiful female form writhing in pleasure astride me
  • The laughter of your friends
  • Making a great athletic play on auto-pilot - you do it and then spend the next few moments wondering how you did it
  • The sunset at St. Marks Wildlife Refuge
  • The perfect jump shot, legs strong, ball released at peak, follow-through perfect, the swish of the net, your defender's backward glance and ensuing disappointment
  • That moment when you know you have a woman, the demure tucking of the hair behind the ear, the downward glance, the slight biting of the lower lip, all the other accompanying body language
  • That tingling pain when your frozen hands are thawing out
  • Peeing while drinking a beer, the cyclical beauty of it all
  • Making my parents laugh.
  • Running shirtless on a dangerously cold night, knowing if you slow down you'll freeze, and then coming home and stepping into a steaming hot shower.
  • Busting your knuckles while working on your car.
  • Listening to the car run smoothly after you've fixed it
  • The way short girls will curl up their legs on the couch.
  • Sitting on my porch with some bourbon and friends, listening to the birds and the crickets.
  • The roar of Doak Campbell Staidum at full capacity, the red brick, garnet-clad fans, and bright green field.
  • When you've been working out, hard, and your vision is pulsing in tune with your heartbeat.
  • Morning sex.
  • Lunch break sex right before a meeting.
  • Thinking about the lunch break sex during that meeting.
  • Long breakaway kicks in soccer, as a defender when you've come up too far on your man. You and the man you're guarding sprinting full-speed to try to catch the ball. The primal hunting aspect of it is just a rush every time, I feel like a damn cheetah or something.
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being awake
being with a new woman
being with my parents
being in the ocean
reading a great book
making meals for my loved ones
donating money
listening to a great song for the first time

I know those things don't seem very exciting, but as I gotten older... it's the little things that are of more value.
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3 a.m. feedings - didn't ever think I'd miss those.
early morning mileage, running under the streetlamps, or during daybreak
running high mileage and realizing you're not getting tired.
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Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser View Post
Being completely in the moment, with nothing in the immediate past or future to worry you
BRILLIANT. I applaud you Sir.
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underground/japanese hip hop =)
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double post
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Warm summer days so windy you think you'll get knocked over. When your neighbor is grilling and invites you to have a bite. Rediscovering something that you already have but somehow go too distracted to enjoy. Waking up way too early for work and spending the morning relaxing with your girlfriend.
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the coo of a baby
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