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OK, perhaps my post missed the point a bit, so I'll add the following: The spare ribs I barbecue for my brother and my dad. Summer breeze Sunny days Hot cocoa in a ski lodge. Salmon sashimi RJ, love the term Arbeitsschmerz. Never heard it before, but it's clever.
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The smell of napalm in the morning.
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-The sight of my dog´s tail wagging when he hasn´t seen me in a week.
-Sunset with a good hand-crafted beer at Carmel-by-the-Sea.
-That very occasional, but perfectly shaped, pitched shot landing right on the green and rolling to the hole.
-Listening to Kleiber shifting into the major key in Beethoven´s Fifth.
-That amazing coconut desert at El Chaflán (Madrid).
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an afternoon in the zoo with my 3 year old daughter a cup of perfectly brewed illy coffee, with just the right natural frothiness an ice cold beer while sitting under a shade on a white sand beach sex on a sunday morning a slightly chilled bottle of gran reserva rioja and tapas a plate of good carpaccio uni, salmon, toro and roe sashimi watching the stock market while the issue you bought is climbing in the double digits having your feet measured for a pair of bespoke shoes and my favorite... walking alone in the evening in whatever city my travels bring me and just watch how they roll
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- spending time with my children
- spending time with my wife and "spending time" with my wife
- good bourbon
- sitting on my deck in the summer with a gin & tonic, just relaxing
- the way new shoes smell just out of the box
- going to the movies
- a good meal
- getting together with friends I haven't seen in awhile
- attending a Billy Joel concert with a super hyped crowd, hearing Billy say that they're inviting one of their roadies on stage to sing a "religious song," hearing said roadie and the band launch into a spot on cover of "Highway to Hell," and watching the crowd become completely crazed - it was awesome (and also how I rolled on Saturday night)
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RJman, your post made me think of this book by Philippe Delerm, it was a big hit a few years ago in Freedom : La Première Gorgée de bière et autres plaisir minuscules.

Of course I can never think of that book without thinking of the hilarious parody that came out a few months later, when the fad was at its height: La Première Gorgée de sperme, c'est tout de même autre chose.
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* My son's smile
* My son's fascinated stare, mouth agape
* My wife in jeans, t-shirt, shades, ponytail, and a smile
* That clean baby smell
* Lounging in bed on a Saturday morning
* Sitting in the backyard at that perfect time of the evening
* A glass of Lagavulin or A.H. Hirsch
* The feel of a fountain or dipping pen on paper (good one, Huntsman)
* Reading almost anything on a Sunday afternoon
* Tinkering around the house
* Salmoe roe sushi with a quail egg
* Almost anything cooked by my father-in-law
* Good bittersweet chocolate
* A nice steak and a glass of zin.
* Creme Brulee
* Ironing
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Randomly roaming the streets of Mayfair, Belgravia, and St. James's. Just gazing at the grey haired men in bright coloured sports jackets and cravats, who just seem to sit in the back seats of their parked Bentleys and Rolls Royces for no reason, doing absolutely nothing but look wealthy.

Sitting on the balcony of my apartment in Belgravia with a Cohiba and a JW Blue Label, and watching the world pass me by.

Good company.

Cashmere sweaters with nothing underneath.

Shaving, late in the morning, with a brush, shaving oil, and shaving cream.

Burgundy red wine.

Loire valley white wine in the summer.


Women looking into my eyes.

When people laugh at what you say, of course in a positive way.

Speeding on the motorway.

When you are the best dressed person in the room.

Soho (London) at night.

Foie Gras.

Wandering small narrow streets in big cities (e.g. Soho NYC, Notting Hill and Covent Garden in London, Brera and the Navigli in Milan, Montparnasse in Paris).

Kensington and Chelsea accents.

Murano glass and crystal.

Period French furniture.
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- My wife's smile
- My children laughing
- Balvanie (neat, of course) settling in the tumbler
- The Birth of the Cool
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chocolate mousse cake
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Polishing good shoes
The sound of the sea, particularly late at night
The smell of a fire or a kerosene lamp
Sipping mint green iced tea while reading a good book
Being warm in bed in a cool room
Well-made au lait
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Two more:

Old-time radio shows
Ceiling fans on a hot day
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Fresh mint, props, Doc!
Ditto on polishing good shoes. Moonlight and champers optional.
And those old radio plays on KNX 1070 if they still have them -- Sgt Preston, the Lone Ranger, Sherlock Holmes...
the Cafe Tomaselli in Salzburg and the Cafe Dommayer in Vienna, at any hour.
A good chocolatine aux amandes
Smelling spring air.
That funky weird smell from plane trees around old buildings (mansions, libraries and the like)
Hitting the sack after a long, long day knowing that you can rest now.
Seeing my cat sprawl in the sun -- how simple happiness can be.
Brick sidewalks.
Fries with (garlic) mayonnaise.
Real red-currant whole fruit jam.
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Sleeping anywhere I can hear the roar of the ocean
Being lost, but not caring
Finding that you have the room with your favorite painting at (insert museum) all to yourself
Woody Allen's first 10 movies
1985 Burgundy or 1982 Pomerol

Two More:

The cheese fries with fois gras at Au pied du cochon, Montreal
In and Out burgers
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