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The Best Things...

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Thought I'd start a thread about some of the best things, those little pieces of pure enjoyment in each of our lives. As it's completely subjective everyone should have something interesting to contribute. The thing doesn't have to have any monetary value or sartorial significance.

A few to start with:

Kousmichoff tea.

Wait Wait Don't Tell Me! the NPR quiz show.

the Economist, cover to cover.

A fresh pair of RJ socks (wearing one today to lessen my daily arbeitschmerz).
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I love the "Thinging" of a piece of art or antique. A smooth wet line of a fountain pen nib
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Posted on wrong thread, sorry.
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any lovingly-crafted mechanical amalgamation of glass/wood/metal/whatever that highlights the beautiful symbiotic relationship between man and machine

it can be a ferrari or a beretta, doesn't matter
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-Ancient history
-Alumo Soyella Zephir
-the lightly perfumed smell women leave on your pillows after they have left.
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The Classic Three Best Things in Life: Drink before Cigarette after
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What a wonderfully charming thread!

Reading the paper over lunch in the park on a sunny day, watching the world go by.
Sitting in front of the fire after a too-good dinner, having coffee and chocolates.
The first decadent mouthful of a complex dessert wine.
The start of a relationship - the flirting, the banter, the excitement, the first few dates.
Singing along in the car.
The first day of a holiday (vacation).
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-Sitting by the fireplace in those cold months
-Dark chocolate
-Irish history
-Another Economist devotee here. Also love to read the Atlantic Monthly.
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Debauve et Gallais chocolates
David Sedaris books
A really good massage
crashing at ski houses with a big bunch of friends.
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Originally Posted by Lucky Strike
The Classic Three Best Things in Life:

Drink before

Cigarette after
I didn't ask for Churchill's favorite things. I asked for yours.
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Originally Posted by RJMan
I didn't ask for Churchill's favorite things. I asked for yours.
All right, then: Patina.
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Good one, this. I'll get back to you.
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Small gold wristwatches from the 1940s.
Small carat gold things like key-holders, pencils, mirrors, etc.
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Anything I do in which I remember how much wonder is possesed in every moment of life.

-- The peace and freedom you feel in the presence of an old friend
-- Family
-- Summer breeze in the window
-- The thrill I feel when I smell the sea
-- My favorite Smith & Wesson, and the meditory state of shooting it
-- Cooking a spectacular meal.
-- Good chocolate, good wine
-- Having a car in the parking lot catch my eye and then realizing it's mine
-- Writing a letter with my dip pens
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Just yesterday at the barn: Arriving around 2 pm, having a coffee and chatting. Go riding with a friend, again, chatting. Getting back, taking care of the horse. Then hanging around until 6 pm, watching people jump their horses. The fact that finally spring arrived here, really helps, because I could go outside instead of just staying inside like all winter. Without any pressure I got up at 5.30 am today, so that I get a long of things done and can go back horse-riding this evening. Or two weeks ago: driving to the outlet center with my best friend. She likes to sleep in really late whenever she can, so I told her I'd pick her up at 1 pm. We figured we'd have enough time till they close at 6 pm. Well, when I picked her up, she wasn't quite ready yet, and then it took us an hour to drive. Then she was a much slower shopper (or to put it in a more positive light: found more interesting things) than we had anticipated, so after a couple of hours of successful shopping we had been to about a third of the stores we were interested in... We'll go back in summer. As far as the smaller pleasures of daily life, I'd say a good cup of coffee.
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