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I bought this suit! I work in a VERY conservative environment and feel that this suit is not at all to bold. I was a little concerned when I ordered it. I think it is going to make a nice workhorse on "relaxed" type days and think it was an UNBELEIVABLE value.
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Now waist suppression is one thing, but I'm worried about the head suppression in those photos!
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I had a suit like that made and I work in the law dept. of a giant in corporate america. Most people are business casual so I stand out anyhow - I say go for it. I wore mine a week ago with a bright yellow dress shirt with white contrasting collar and french cuffs and a dark tie and yellow pocket square. I got a lot of compliments.
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I like the suit.

I did buy one very similar to it a number of years ago. I did find that it did not get the same frequency of wear as a gray nailshead and gray chalk stripe that I bought at the same time. Even though I like the look, it was a bit nonstandard and I simply found my hand would more frequently reach for the more conservative fabrics as I dressed for work each day.

And I am not certain that more waist supression would work for you. When I had a 32 inch waist I loved the hourglass look of a suppressed waist. My build now and yours now and in the near future might preclude the suppression.

Do have your tailor recut the pant hem to angle it up more so that you don't have as severe a break at the front of the pant leg.


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I have the very same suit, still waiting to be altered! I just did not have time to take it to my tailor. What I noticed about this suit is that it has "belly" problem like Canali. Other than that, the suit is well made and looks really cool. I am thinking of really hyping the suit by putting hand picked stitches on all seams and put 3 inch cuffs I am not planning to wear this to work.
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Just want to say thanks to everyone for all the input. As for the issue about the pants, I really don't think that the pants are too long (I know it looks that way from the picture, but in real life they don't look long). I think what the problem might be is that I was wearing monk straps in that picture and because they are bulkier up top the pant wasn't falling right. When I tried the pants on later with regular lace ups the pants fell much better and there wasn't that wierd drape at the front.

Also, I wore that outfit you see there out tonight and I got a lot of compliments, so people must really like the look. Besides that, I felt like a million bucks in that suit and I must say that I really love the suit. For about $400, for a canvassed Corneliani suit, I think it was a great buy.

As far as waist suppression, to be honest, I'm not that big of a fan. The suit definitely doesn't fit like a sack, it has minor waist suppression, which is the look I like. I think too much waist suppression looks kind of effeminate (no offense to anyone if that's the look you like, it's just not me).

Oh yea, someone asked about this, the suit does in fact have side vents.
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