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A. campagna cashmere?

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Hey guys, As I'm sure you're aware, Bluefly's having a cashmere sale, and at their lower end, they've got pieces by A. Campagna and Autumn Cashmere - both brands about which I'm completely clueless. Anyone familiar with them? Is there a semblance of quality to their stuff, or will it crumble to dust in a stiff breeze? What about sizing - Do they run pretty big, or more a slim fit? Thanks, Nick.
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I've bought an A.Campagna before, and returned it. They fit pretty true to American sizing. I returned it because the proportions were wrong (for me): the sleeves fell to a proper place, however the actual sleeve was too short, and the shoulders too wide. Didn't seem like a proper fit for that type of knit. I found nothing wrong with the quality.
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Nick: I was just checking out those brands on Bluefly, it seems like a great deal. I've found a few nice Autumn Cashmere pieces I'd like to order. Let me know if you've had sucess. I'm particularly interested in the fit. P.S. Does anyone have a promotion code for Bluefly?
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Use SMARTFLY for 15% off at Bluefly. If that doesn't work, try FLY15OFF - one of these codes only works with a VISA card but I'm not sure which one it is.
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