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Non-black shoes to "business" attire dinner events

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I attended a dinner at a posh hotel for my country's Chief Justice the other night along with a number of the firm's other lawyers.

We were told to wear "business" attire, but advised to wear suits. When told to wear that, it actually means you can come in a blazer or sport coat, too. I borrowed a coat and came wearing chestnut wingtips and a pink dress shirt.

I understand that black is precisely for dinner, if anywhere, by this forum's standards, but my country's wardrobe standards are three to four notches lower for every situation, since what I described would ordinarily mean tuxedos in the United States.

I noted at least half the male lawyers present were wearing black loafers with suits or sport coats, with the only pair of plain black cap toes belonging to one of my firm's senior partners.

I incidentally saw one guy come in polo shirt and sport coat, and the event's principal sponsor come in a short-sleeved shirt and chinos.

Under these wardrobe standards, what do you think of me wearing my brown shoes to dinner events as I'm comfortable?
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My guess--based on very little--is that brown shoes may actually inspire more comments than underdressed black. Short of that though, you'd be fine.

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I can't possibly imagine you'd have anything to worry about. In the US, Canada, or the UK, you might have been underdressed (the pink shirt, especially, would have been too casual for something like a Chief Justice...much as I love pink shirts!); however, considering how many of your colleagues were dressed more casually than you, you should have been and all.
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You seem like a reasonable guy and if you didn't feel underdressed, I think you were probably fine.

One question though: what made you opt for an odd jacket over a suit?
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What did the Chief Justice himself wear? Did he have gold-colored bands on his sleeves, a la Rehnquist? For that matter, does the current Chief Justice of the U.S. also wear the bands?
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Heh. I haven't had a suit tailored yet. My Dad apparently no longer has matching suit jackets and trousers but he has at least one old sport coat that fits me very well.

The Chief Justice came in Philippine formal wear, a translucent embroidered shirt with dress trousers. I think he was in black loafers as well.
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